The department was established in the year 1975 with a view to enforce the activities of the A.M.Cs., in the district in accordance with the provisions of Andhra Pradesh (Agricultural Produce & Live Stock) Markets Act, 1966 and Rules, 1969. Marketing Activity of Agriculture products in the district are administered by 11 Agricultural Market Committees having their own sites and provided minimum required amenities.

1. Nellore; 2. Kovur; 3. Kavali; 4.Gudur; 5. Atmakur; 6. Sullurpet;

7. Naidupet ; 8. Vakadu; 9. Venkatagiri; 10. Rapur; 11. Udayagiri:


b) Schemes / Activities / Action Plan :

Functional Markets:

In SPSR Nellore District, there are two Functional Markets

1. Podalakur Sub-Market Yard of Agrl. Market Committee, Rapur:

Lemon traded in Podalakur Market yard and also it was selected under e-NAM market w.e.f. 17.01.2017. Under the existing manual selling practice, a few traders and commission agents indulge in irregularities. For instance, many costs, including market fee, commission fee and other un-authorized deductions are made, resulting in a dent in the farmers’ profits. Further after the negotiations are completed, most traders and agents delay payments to farmers. To address all these issues, the government introduced the online marketing system. Under the system, a trader or a agent can bid for the stocks online and transfer the money directly into the farmers account directly through online banking. More importantly, when more traders participate in bidding, then farmers might get good price for their produce. In the present system, traders and agents usually collude and fix low price affecting the farmers’ prospects, Andhra Pradesh Agriculture Marketing Department authorities explained. Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister advised farmers to embrace technology and said it would help them in many ways, right from better yield to selling the produce efficiently. The online market system brings transparency and accountability. The government has successfully implemented the supply of commodities through E¬POS system in fair price shops and likewise technological services would be introduced in all the departments in the coming days, he said. He appealed to farmers not to take any extreme steps in case of losses and suggested them to do away with conventional farming methods.

2. Mutyalapadu Weekly Shandy of Agrl. Market Committee, Gudur regulation of Sheep & Goat.

Trade Regulation:

Trade regulation is done through issuance of Trade licenses, Monitoring of Check posts, Inspection of Storage & processing units and collection of Market Fee on Agricultural Produce & Live stock @ 1% under Section 12 (1) of Markets Act, 1966 and as per provisions under Rule 74 of Markets Rule, 1969.

Year Target Achievement % of MF collection over Target
2015 – 2016 1864.00 1725.96 92.59 %
2016 – 2017 1942.00 2402.55 123.72 %
2017 – 2018 2467.00 2361.28 94.15 %
2018 – 2019 2616.00 2414.77 92.31%

Rythu Bandhu Pathakam Scheme:

Introduced in 1982, as pledge finance scheme and renamed as Rythu Bandhu Pathakam in 1995. Financing against 75 % value of produce stored in godowns (ceiling Rs. 2 Lakhs per farmer, no interest upto 180 days). The following details of benefitted farmers during last 4 years under the scheme in the district.

Year Advances given to the farmers (in Crores) No. of  farmers Benefited
2015 – 2016 7.35 559
2016 – 2017 8.27 571
2017-2018 8.75 611
2018-2019 14.80 969

Maintenance of Storage facilities:

In SPSR Nellore district, there are total 62 no’s of Godowns with storage capacity of 68,100 MT existing in Agrl. Market Committees.

S.No Name of the AMC No. of Godowns Capacity in MTs
1 Nellore 9 7,000
2 Kovur 11 15,300
3 Kavali 13 18,300
4 Sullurpet 5 5,200
5 Naidupet 5 4,600
6 Gudur 2 2,600
7 Vakadu 2 1,200
8 Rapur 2 1,600
9 Atmakur 4 3,200
10 Udayagiri 4 3,600
11 Venkatagiri 5 5,500
  Total: 62 68,100

Rythu Bazaars:

Rythu Bazaar was a social initiative started by the Government of Andhra Pradesh in 1999. The main aim of Rythu Bazaar is to help farmers bring and sell their produce directly to consumers without the involvement of middlemen.

  1. No service charges and no market fee is levied in Rythu Bazars. Vegetable growers/farmers committee fixes the selling price in Rythu Bazars.
  2. Joint Collector is the Co-ordinating officer of Rythu Bazars in the District.
  3. Chief Executive Officer, Rythu Bazars will supervise, control and coordinate at State level.
  4. The main objective of Rythu Bazar is to ensure remunerative price to farmers and provide quality and fresh vegetables to consumers at reasonable rates.

There are 4 Rythu Bazaars are functioning in SPSR Nellore District i.e., 1. Nawabpet in Nellore, 2. Fathekhanpet in Nellore, 3. Kavali & 4. Gudur.

Veterinary Camps:

The Agrl. Market Committees are being allotted Rs.1.00 lakh for every year (Rs.20,000/- per camp; 5 camps per year) towards conducting of Veterinary Camps in the notified areas of respective Agrl. Market Committees in the district in association with the Joint Director of Animal Husbandry Department.

c) Contacts:

Asst. Director of Marketing Cell No. – 9182361352

Land Line No. – 0861-2340694

d) e-Mail / Postal Address:


Asst. Director of Marketing

C/o Agricultural Market Committee building,

Near Madras Bus Stand,

Besides ACSR Vegetable Market,

Nellore – 524 001.

e) Important Website Link :