Samgra Siksha (Elementary Education) previously called as Sarva Siksha Abhiyan is an effort for Universalization of elementary education by community ownership of the school system. SSA providing elementary education for all children in the 6 to 14 age group by bridging the gaps in social, regional and gender. To achieve this goal many interventions are planned during 2015-16.

1) Strategies for achieving UEE:Access

  • Access
  • Enrollment
  • Retention

2) Gender and Social Equity

  • Girl Education
  • Children with Special Needs
  • Urban Deprived Children
  • Education of SC & ST Children
  • Education of Minority Children
  • Community Mobilization
  • Infrastructure development
  • Management and monitoring

3) District Specific Activities

  • Special drive for Enrolment of ST school age children
  • Support to “TAMIL” Mother tongue children in Tada Mandal





A. Access v There are 3115 habitations in Nellore district. Among these 2984 are provided with primary schooling facility.  The rest of the 77 small habitations for primary level and 77 habitations for Upper Primary level un served small habitations are proposed transportation for the academic year  2019-20 to cover 100% access. 1) Proposed adding 8th class in all the 18 newly upgraded Upper primary Urdu medium schools in the district for retention of Minority children. 2) 77 habitations 839 children covered by providing transport facility at primary level. 77 habitations 706 children covered by providing transport facility at Upper                       primary level
B. Enrollment v 98.13% of enrolment achieved so far. v 100% of Enrollment of 6 to 14 age group children by 2020 AD is the goal. v Sensitizing the community and parents by way of community mobilization and awareness campaigns on the child labour and their education. v Opening of Non Residential Special Training Centers for 1050 children
C. Retention v 94% by 2007, 96% by 2008, 98% by 2009, 97.94 by 2010, 98.74% by 2011, 99.38% by 2012 , 100 % by 2013 ,100% by 2014 , 100% by 2015,100% by 2016,100% by 2017, 100% by 2018 and 100% by 2019 v Released Rs. 5 cores to all the 2904 schools in the district towards school composite grant, CRC and MRC grants.
  v Close and continue Monitoring with the community v Distributed 2 pairs of free uniforms to 1.88 lakhs eligible children from class 1 to 8 in co-operation with APCO.
  v Regular Attendance Monitoring in all primary, UP and High School by School complex Headmasters. v Implementing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) programme in 39 UP Schools. Proposed for adding ICT Programme including digital initiatives in 242 UP Schools also.
  v Follow up of mainstreamed children v Proposed library books for 2026 primary schools worth Rs.3000/- each and to 244 UP sections worth Rs.13,000/- each.
  v Child friendly atmosphere in the schools v Proposed to conduct Science exhibition, quiz competitions and to be provided Science and Maths kits to all the 324 UP Schools under Rastriya Aavishkar Abhiyan scheme worth of Rs 82.66/- lakhs.
    v Proposed to provide pre primary education to 22,833 children in 1156 schools in the existing Primary and Upper primary schools where the Preprimary or anganwadi centres not available.
    v As a District Specific activity proposed for monitoring daily through Veekshanam app (Manapillalu- Mana Simhapuri) under Shala Siddi.
    v Proposed to support 16 IERCs in the district by providing computers and other infrastructure.
    v Proposed to support 47 BRCs in the district by providing computers and other infrastructure. Proposed to support 318 CRCs in the district by
    v providing furniture @ Rs 1.65 lakhs for fulfill the furniture.
  v Conducting motivation camps to SMCs about importance of Girls education. v Conduct of awareness programme on RTE Act especially to mothers.
A. Girl Education v To rescue girl children from household work through NGOs, self-help groups, Kalajathas in Urban areas and focused areas v Conduct of special drives to control abusing harassment trafficking of girl children with the help of Police, NCLP and other departments.
    v Proposed self defense courses to the girl children in KGBVs
    v Proposed School Bonding programme for girl children in regular schools and KGBVs.
    v Proposed ID Cards to all the Teachers as well as children in the regular schools and KGBVs in the district.
B. Children with Special Needs v Admission package to the newly enrolled children. v Providing escort allowance to the eligible 300 CWSN attending schools.
  v Academic support to the regular teacher in the class room by inclusive itinerant teachers v Pre vocational Education centre in the IERC of the Dist. Head Quarter
    v Proposed to provide Aids and Appliance to the eligible 214 CwSN in the district.
    v Up Gradation of MRC in the Dist. Head Quarter as Training centre for the Personnel working for IE
    v Providing Home Based Education to the 470 profound MR CwSN.
    v Starting NRSTCs in the existing 16 IERCs and non IERC Mandals.
    v Providing Physiotherapy to the needy CWSN.
    v Providing devices and Braille books to the needy CWSN As an early intervention programme it is planned for screening of CWSN below 5 years with hearing loss and low vision problems in all 16 IERCs in the district.
C. Urban Deprived Children Financial Support to the URH (Urban Residential Hostels) v It is proposed for renewal of 2 URH hostel to join 100 identified Urban Deprived Children at Child And Police Project, Nellore and Child Ashram, Gollapalem in Allur mandal.
D. Education of SC & ST Children Scheduled Caste v Providing Play material to the identified SC schools to provide joyful learning.
  v Out of 47 Mandals, SC Literacy rate is low in 36 Mandals. v Health Camps will be organized for the children to avoid dropout rate due to health problems.
  v Provision of Girl Child Friendly Elements in the Schools with low girl child enrolment. v Arranging special provision of seats in KGBV schools and Residential Schools.
  v Adoption of the Low Literacy Mandals by the NGOs and educational officers. v Proposed to start RSTCs, NRSTCs and Seasonal Hostels for enrolment of 1264 SC OSC children.
  v Engaging of Academic Instructors in focused areas of ST, SC, Minority and Fishermen to motivate parents and children towards the education. v   Proposed a special RSTC for introduce the vocational courses to the identified SC community children in the district.
    v Proposed to start RSTCs, NRSTCs and Seasonal Hostels for enrolment of 2775 ST OSC children.
    v   Proposed a mobile van for Challayanadi community children to give the awareness of education and sensitize their parents.
  2775 ST OSC Children is identified in OSC survey conducted during Micro planning through  
  Mana Badiki Podam from April and May month 2019.  
E. Education of Minority Children As per RTE-Act 2009 there is a need to open 20 New parallel URDU medium Sections in Primary & Upper Primary telugu medium schools in Udayagiri, Nellore, Kavali, A Sagaram, Allur, Kovur, Venkatagiri, and Naidupeta Mandals v Proposed to open 5 minority KGBVs in Udayagiri, Nellore, Atmakuru, Buchireddypalem and Gudur mandals in the District where the girls Dropout rate is high.
    v Proposed to provide formal education to the 1016 Madarsa children.
    v Proposed to start the ICT Programme in all the existing urdu medium Upper primary schools in the district.
F. Community Mobilization v Orientation to SMC Members on Right to Education & Community ownership of schools v Give Vide publicity on awareness of education activities and RTE in the district through hoardings, pillar boards, electronic and print media.
  v Orientation to PRI members on RTE. v Proposed to organize a orientation programme on RTE to Head masters of all management schools, CRPs, MEOs,NGOs and community leaders.
  v Conducting Mobalization camps in focused areas like ST, SC, Minority and Fisher men areas. v Mobalise the NRI, Aluminous, Donors, Corporate Companies, Philanthropist and public representatives on Badirunam Teerchukundam programme.
  v Conducting awareness camps with community leaders. v
G. Infrastructure development v Proposed to construct 481 new ACRs. v 2019-20 Sanctioned
  v Proposed drinking water facility in 47 primary and UP Schools in the district. v One Additional Class Room
  v Proposed major repairs for 49 primary and UP Schools. v 154 Toilets
  v Proposed 91 schools for electrification for primary and upper primary schools. v 36 building Major Repairs
  v Proposed Girls toilets in 172 schools and boys toilets in 370 primary and upper primary schools in the district for improving health and hygiene among the children  
H. Management and monitoring v For administrating of all the programmes at District level DPO is established with necessary field and administrative staff. v One MIS In charge, One accountant cum supporting staff and One Data entry operator, 2  I.E. Resource teachers and 318 Cluster Co-Ordinaters  are appointed for good functioning of Mandal Resource Centers and CRCs
  v v Monitoring of schools is being taken up in various levels.
    1) Headmasters monitoring all classes twice in a month.
    2) School Complex HMs monitoring the schools in their jurisdiction once in a month.
    3) MEOs monitor at least 9 schools and CRPs monitor at least 18 schools in a month.
    4) DEO, DIET staff and DPO staff monitor at random and assess the situation in every month.
    v State teams will visit the districts once in a month



S.No Name of the Employee Designation Employee ID Mobile Number
2 DR.V.JAYA BHARATHI ALSCO 3090119 9000201532
4 M SRINIVASULU CMO 0826827 9000104832
6 V.POORNACHANDRA RAO I.E. Co-ordination 0833957 9441524128
7 C MASTHAN APO 0821236 9491325665
8 S.V.RATHNAM BABU ASO 0826811 9849900867
9 P V SREENIVASULU AALSC 0930736 7386600222
10 Sk.KHAJAMOHIDDIN A.AMO (URDU) 0835946 7093900557
11 KONDEPALLI NAGA SIRISHA AAMO 0823201 8008903375
12 U SUDHAKAR A IECO 0820666 9490810303
13 VELAM LAKSHMAMMA ASST.GCDO 0821055 9491500261
14 G.SREENIVASULU ASST.CMO 0843853 9441477609
15 T.SREENIVASA RAO Dy.E.E 14279425 9110760292
16 N.V.R.N.S.V.PRASAD RAO Dy.E.E NIL 8919473758
17 K.RAMACHAND SENIOR ASSISTANT 0837399 9441232801
20 M PAVANI SENIOR ASSISTANT 0837730 9885345662
21 N VIMALA SENIOR ASSISTANT 0850995 9640480085
22 K.PRABHAKAR SENIOR ASSISTANT 0837404 6305364463
23 M.C.VENGAIAH JUNIOR ASSISTANT 0825054 9989765116
25 I.KAMALA VISHNU ATO 0829640 8300020307



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