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pulicat lake

Pulicat Lake

Pulicat Lake

Pulicat Lake is the second largest brackish water lagoon in India spread over the two States of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. A paradise for birdwatchers, the Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary is home to many species of birds including flamingos, painted storks, egrets, grey pelicans, grey herons, pintails, black winged stilts, shovelers and terns. It is also one of the three important wetlands to attract North-East Monsoon rain clouds to Tamil Nadu in the month of October. It is also the site for the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, commonly known as Sriharikota Range.

Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary

nelapattu birds

Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary

Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary is a bird sanctuary near the village of Nelapattu. About 189 bird species can be found at Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary, 50 of which are migratory. It is an important breeding site for spot-billed pelicans. Nelapattu is a mix of swamp forests and dry evergreen scrub type vegetation. The latter covers most of the sanctuary. The place is a must watch for nature lovers and wildlife photographers.

Penchalokana waterfalls

Penchalakona Falls

Penchalakona WaterFalls

Penchalakona, located in a village located in the Rapur Mandal of Nellore, is a famous tourist spot. Kandaleru river originates from here. The Penusila Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple is also situated here making the village a great tourist spot for heritage as well as nature lovers. There is also an annual festival at the temple, celebrated during Vaisakha to mark the period of Hindu solar calendar, when devotees congregate for Narasimhaswamy Jayanthi.

Mypadu and Kodur Beaches

mypadu beach

Mypadu and Koduru Beaches

Mypadu and Kodur are among the most famous beaches in Nellore. Apart from offering tourism sevices, they provide fishing opportunities for the local fishermen. Thousands of people visit these beaches for their picturesque beauty. Thupilipalyem and Katepalli are other famous beaches in the Nellore.