Section Subjects Seats in Section Subjects in each Seat
A Transfers, Postings, leave etc., of the staff including Village establishment (excluding draw of pay and allowance), disciplinary proceedings, Office procedure including inspection of Subordinate offices, maintenance of records and record room. A1

Disciplinary proceedings of all Cadres, Civil Pensions, Mandal Administration, Treasure Trove Act, Complaints against all officers including District Officers


Office Procedure, Inspection of Subordinate Offices & Collectorate, Recruitments, Compassionate Appointments, Provision of employment to the displaced persons under Kandaleru Reservoir


Village Revenue Officers, Establishment of VAOs & Village Servants, Connected appeals, Village chavadies, Pension proposals of VAOs/VROs


Record Room and Library, Distribution of Forms, Paper clippings, Grievance Cell

Service matters pertaining to IAS Officers, Deputy Collectors, Service matters pertaining to all Tahsildar, DTs, SAs JA’s, Class IV employees of Revenue Estt., Training program in-service candidates and DTC & computer training


Distribution of Tappal of Collectorate, DO Register and other important Papers registers, W.P.Register, Suits Register, L.A.Register, Telegram Register, Fax Message Register


Tappal other than Collectorate ie., Other Depts., Registered tappal, Spl.Registers, Call Book, Security Register, Maintenance of Transit Regr. for the flow of files, Transit Register for other Depts.

B Pay bills, Office Contingencies, all expenditure and budgeting purchases etc., Audit paras. B1

Pay bills of the Collectorate Establishment, Loans & Advances, Miscellaneous bills, Income Tax matters, Pertaining to Officers and Staff, Temporary Estt. & Posts continuation Proposals, GPF matters.


Increments, Pay fixation & Maintenance of S.Rs, Allotment of Govt. Quarters, Rent Fixation of Mandal Offices, T.A.Bills/TTA Bills/LTC etc., of the Collectorate Staff


Medical reimbursement, Property Tax, Sanction of leaves /Surrender Leave, L.T.C of all cadres, Official Language, Bank loan recoveries from Revenue employees, House Building loans marriage loans/Festival Advances, Encashment of leave, Sanction of leaves / Surrender Leave


Audit objections, Audit paras, Inspection reports, Audit Inspections of A.G.s Office/ Audit Meetings


Maintenance of Cash Accounts, Treasury work, Encashment of Bills, Treasury Reconciliation of Expenditure accounts


Care taker of Collectorate, Contingency and Stationery Bills, Maintenance of Video conference Hall/ Golden Jubilee Hall/ Kasturiba KalaKshetram/ Pinakini Guest House, Maintenance of Furniture Contingent Bills, Service Postage, Telephone, Telegram, Electricity etc., Clean & Green, Budget & Number Statement, Repairs and Maintenance of Rev. buildings.


CMRO Project, Handholding Resource Persons and Computer Operations, Maintenance of Computer systems

C Law and Order including co-ordination with judiciary and police, Cinematography, Law Officers, PCR Act, Atrocities against STs and SCs, Bonded labour, Minimum Wages Act, all preventive detention laws, Freedom Fighters, Appeals on Social Status Certificates. C1

Law and Order, Preventive Detention Laws, Magisterial inquiries, Jails, Atrocities, Petitions received from NHRC, SHRC and SC/ST Commission and NRI Death cases


Petroleum Act, Explosives Act, Chief Minister’s Relief, P.R.B. Act, All Examinations


Minimum Wage Act, Bonded Labour, Arms Act, Freedom Fighters Pensions, Apathbandhu, NFBS


Verification of character and antecedents, Representations to be sent to the Government on different issues.


Law Officers, Coordination Committee and Law Officers Meeting, Caste Verification, Cinematography Act


ICM Act, Farmers Suicidal Death, Right to Information Act
D All Revenue Collections including L.R., NALA, Water Tax, Village Accounts, Loans, RR Act, and any other Recovery Jamabandi and Village Accounts. R.O.R Adverse seasonal conditions, Irrigation Acts. D1

District Gazette, Births and Deaths, SERFASI ACT, AROGYA SRI, Vital Statistics


Drought Relief, Audit Objections on drought, Minorities

Natural Calamities, Audit objections on F.D.R, Cyclone Shelters Maintenance, Irrigation Law & Regulations


Municipalities, Maintenance of Wireless Sets, Fire Accidents, Excise


Indian Stamp ACT, Census, RR ACT, Medical & Health

MCR & HRD and APARD Trainings, Minorities Miscellaneous, Court Fee Refund, File Disposal, Business Return, Jamabandi, Water Tax, One Time Conversion

E Alienation and transfer of Government Lands, Relinquishments, Assignments, Leases, Escheats, Lankas, Evacuee Property, Land Encroachment Act, Prohibition of Alienation of assigned lands and other relevant laws relating to the above subjects. E1

Assignments, P.O.T, A.P.L.E.Act, A.P.L.G.Act

Alienation, Transfer of land Mines & Minerals
Civil Suits and other Rev.matters, Lokayuktha cases


All Land matters pertaining to Nellore Corporation
Alienation and transfer of land (Urban), Civil Suits (Revenue)


Assignments, P.O.T, A.P.L.E.Act, A.P.L.G.Act, Writ Petitions, A.P., SC.ST Commission, Human Rights Commission, National Commission for SC


Alienations, Transfer of Land, Mines & Minerals, Civil Suits Revenue, Writ Petitions


Assignments, P.O.T, A.P.L.E.Act

Alienations, Transfer of Land, Mines & Minerals, All connected, court cases, Civil Suits (Rev)


C.R.Z, Dist.Consumer Forum, Genl.Correspondence in respect of land, Maintenance of stock files, Periodicals
Updation of Adangals

F Tenancy Act, Agricultural land ceiling Act, Estates, Abolition, Inams, Settlements, Agency Laws, suits and legal matters, any other Land Reforms Laws, Urban Land Ceilings. F1

R.O.R, Land Reforms, Tenancy Laws, Inam Abolition Act, Fair Adaganals Regarding to Right to Information Act. (Nellore Division)

All connected Court cases (S.R.Files), R.O.R, Land Reforms, Tenancy Laws, Inam Abolition Act, Fair Adaganals Regarding to Right to Information Act., Writ Petitions (Kavali Division)

R.O.R, Land Reforms, Tenancy Laws, Inam Abolition Act, Fair Adaganals Regarding to Right to Information Act. (Gudur Division)

E.A. Act (Kavali Division, Gudur Division, Nellore Division)

G LA – General and Social Welfare, All O.Ps, Appeals and writ petitions in High Court and cases in Supreme Court. G1

General and Social Welfare LA regarding Nellore Division, Social Welfare Budget, LA regarding GENCO, KPCL


General and Social Welfare LA regarding Gudur Division, Maintenance of LA Funds, Saraswathi Nidhi & CSR for college students


General and Social Welfare LA regarding Kavali and Atmakur Divisions, Air Port


Nadikudi Srikalahasthi LA, RVNL, General TGP & Somasila along with 13 Notifications


General & SW LA for Naidupeta Division, National Highways, APIIC LA
H Visits of VIP and Protocol duties including requisitioning of vehicles, Redressal of Grievances, Elections, Miscellaneous and any other residuary matter. H1

Elections and related correspondence

Protocal, Maintainance of Motor vehicles / Fuel charges, R.Os Conference, CCLA.Long Pending references, State Functions


C.M.Petitons, CMC Petitions, Misc., items
R&R R&R, KPCL, Genco, TPCL, Reliance, R&R of Kandaleru reservoir, Maintenance of CL & Attendance, Register of Collectorate Staff and District Officers ,National Savings Scheme