ATMA is a centrally sponsored scheme main aim of this scheme is to impart technical knowledge on a broad scale to the farmers in getting fruitful results and better per unit income. The ATMA was established in the year 2006 in Nellore District and is in implementation as on date.

Agricultural Technology Management Agency shortly termed as ATMA is an autonomous institution set up at district level to improvise various skills and transfer of new technologies to farmers not only in Agricultural field but also in other allied departments like Animal Husbandry, Horticulture, Fisheries and Sericulture.





c) Schemes / Activities / Action Plan:

  1. Farmer Training Programmes. 
  2. Exposure Visits – Within District, Inter District & Inter State 
  3. Organization of demonstrations. 
  4. Agricultural Exhibitions. 
  5. Promoting Local available technologies.
  6. Extension Programmes for the benefit of farmers. 
  7. Farm schools.
  8. Government & NGO participatory Programmes in the Agricultural & allied Departmental activities. 
  9. Taking up innovative activities as per local requirements by utilizing services of KVK, ARS & State Agricultural Universities.
  10. In view the local needs and continuation of proven/ useful technology till it is popularized. 
  11. Create awareness among the farmers for taking up extension programmes on their own.
  12. Field days.
  13. Kissan ghosthis.
  14. Farmer Scientist Interactions.

d) Contacts:

Sl. No. Name Designation Phone Number
1 Smt.Y.Ananda Kumari Project Director 8886613725
2 Smt.P.Padmalatha Deputy Project Director 8886613726
3 Smt. KPBS.Madhavi Latha Devi Deputy Project Director 8886613724

e) Email / Postal Address:

Email Id : pdatmanellore[at]gmail[dot]com

Address: Project Director, ATMA, 3rd Street, Rameshreddy Nagar,Nellore-524001