Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation Ltd. was formed in 1973 by the GO No: 831 dated 10-SEP-1973 issued by Government of Andhra Pradesh. The order of GO is as follows.

  1. From the Director of Industries letter No.488/PS/71, dated 21-12-1971.
  2. From the Director of Industries letter No.123/PS/72, dated 09-03-1972.
  3. From the Director of Industries letter No.280/PS/72, dated 31-05-1972.
  4. From the Secretary, Planning Commission letter No. I & L(E)18.1/73, dated 05-05-1973.
  5. From the Director of Industries letter No.203/PS/73, dated 16-05-1973.


  1. The Government have been considering for some time past the proposal of the Director of Industries, for the establishment of a separate Corporation for the Development of Industrial Infrastructure for the speedy promotion and development of Industrial Growth in the State.
  2. The Government accept the proposal of the Director of Industries and they accord sanction for the establishment of a separate Corporation in the State for this purpose, under the Companies Act. The New Corporation shall be named as “Corporation for Industrial Infrastructure in Andhra Pradesh” (C.I.A.P.).
  3. The Corporation shall be registered as a Joint Stock Company under the Companies Act.
  4. The Managing Director of the Corporation shall be an I.A.S. Officer in the super-time scale, orders appointing the Managing Director and nominating the Chairman and other Directors will issue separately.
  5. The term of office of the Directors including the Chairman shall be for a period of two years from the date of appointment.
  6. The corpus of assets of the Corporation shall consist of all the existing industrial development areas, industrial estates, assisted private industrial estates and industrial complexes as well as those under implementation. The Government therefore, hereby sanction the transfer of all such industrial estates/areas belonging to the Government in the Industries Department to the Corporation along with the Department and temporary structures. The Director of Industries should furnish to Government a list of such estates/areas transferred.
  7. The revenues accruing from the said estates / areas by way of rental, hire charges, interest etc. shall also be transferred to the Corporation.
  8. All the funds provided and the value of Assets so transferred shall be the Government’s contribution towards the Share Capital of the Corporation. The valuation of the Assets should be the market value to be evaluated by the Collectors.
  9. As regards officers and staff to man the Corporation the Government direct that all the existing staff and officers under the Directorate of Industries employed in the said industrial estates/areas and the staff working in the units there under shall be transferred to the new corporation initially on terms of deputation. The Director of Industries should furnish to Government the personnel so transferred for issue of separate orders. The Director of Industries should complete the details of transfer and terms and conditions therefor within a month, keeping in view all legal aspects of the matter.
  10. The Director of Industries is requested to finalise the draft Memorandum and Articles of Association, obtain the Government’s approval thereof and get the Corporation registered expeditiously.
  11. This order issues with the concurrence of finance Department vide U.O.No.3171/FSP/73, dt.6.9.1973.

In pursuance of the above GO, Main objectives to be pursued on incorporation are:

  1. To formulate, promote, finance, aid, assist, establish, manage and control schemes, projects or programmers, to provide and develop infrastructure facilities, including factory sites, factory sheds, godowns, marketing facilities, warehouses facilities of communications, power, water drainage, housing, hospitals and other medical and health and educational institutions and other services of any description in order to promote and assist the rapid and orderly establishment, growth and development of industries and commerce in the State o Andhra Pradesh.
  2. To aid, assist, promote and finance industries set up in the factory sheds constructed or factory sites developed by the Company, whether owned or run by Government, statutory body, co-operatives, company, firm or individual or others and to provide them with capita, credit, means and resources for the prosecution of their work and business and to enable them to develop and improve their management, production and marketing techniques.
  3. To implement schemes of incentives (financial and otherwise), subsidies and the like formulated by the Government of Andhra Pradesh, Government of India or other authorities or institutions and to administer such schemes in incentives as may be devised by the company from time to time in the interest of the establishment and development of industries and commerce in the State of Andhra Pradesh.
  4. To carry on the business of hire purchase in, or to enter into hire purchase agreements with respect to the purchase and sole of, any goods, plant and machinery, tools and implements as aforesaid with any person, association, society or other body corporate on such terms and conditions as may be lawful.
  5. To promote, establish, improve, develop, administer, own and run Tools Rooms, Pattern Shops Service Shops, Repair Shops or Work Shops to maintain, repair, refine, manipulate, alter or improve any plant, machinery, implements, accessories, appliances, apparatus, tools, goods or things of any description capable of being used by any customer of or person having dealings with the Company, or commonly dealt in by persons engages in any such business which may seem capable of being profitably dealt with by the Company and to manufacture, import, export, buy sell or otherwise deal in workshop machinery of all kinds.
  6. To undertake such other activities, industrial, commercial or financial, which will create conditions conducive to the growth of industries in the State of Andhra Pradesh.






1.1. APIIC shall prepare layout as per applicable norms and get it approved by the Competent Authority.


2.1. Head Office of APIIC shall publish information periodically in one English newspaper and Telugu newspaper, which have wide circulation intimating the launch of the New Industrial Park(s) or intimating availability of vacancies and inviting entrepreneurs to file applications for allotment through on-line.

2.2. The details of all Industrial Parks regarding facilities and availability of land for allotment and rate per sq. meter shall be hosted on the web sites of APIIC and Commissioner of Industries. The same shall be displayed on the notice boards of the respective Zonal, Sub-Zonal offices of APIIC and offices of DIC regularly.

2.3. In respect of vacancies in all Industrial Parks, the information shall be updated on the website and also simultaneously cause display on the notice boards of the respective Zonal, Sub-Zonal offices of APIIC and offices of DIC/APPCB. No allotment shall be made without displaying the vacancy on the website at least for continuous period of 7 days inviting the applications for allotment of the plot.

2.4. The details of vacancy shall also be communicated to the respective District Collectorate offices of District Industries Centre and AP State Financial Corporation.

2.5. The layouts of Industrial Parks should be displayed on the Notice Boards of respective Zonal/Sub Zonal offices and DIC offices. The layouts should also be placed in the web site of APIIC and Commissioner of Industries.

2.6. The components of infrastructure planned for an industrial park, will also be displayed on the website of APIIC.

All the allotment committee members shall also be notified of the vacancy through e-mail or any other accepted mode of reference.

2.7. The following shall be attached while sending the physical application form:

  • Download Application from which was already filed in on-line duly signed by applicant/the authorized person.
  • Proof of payment towards EMD at 10% of the value of the premises.
  • Proof of payment towards non-refundable process fee at 0.25% of the value of the premises sought for by the applicant subject to a minimum of Rs.1000/-.
  • All attachments/enclosures shall be attested by the authorized person.
  • Authorization letter, wherever necessary.
  • Attachments to the application as filed with e-application.

Other documents to be attached:

  • Detailed Project Report/profile containing total investment, investment in Buildings, plant & machinery, equipment, estimated employment with process flow chart, proposed construction in the plot, justification for the extent of the land/shed applied for with breakup, details of plot/shed already possessed, whether the premise are required for re-location(shifting) or expansion purposes manufacturing process, proposed installed capacity(quantity & value), power, water requirement etc., for the project,
  • Plant / Machinery layout of the proposed project and details of greenery/lawn to be maintained as per the norms of APPCB, if any.
  • Copy of partnership deed, in case of existing partnership firm. In case of proposed partnership firm, it should be stated that “Promoter of the proposed Partnership Firm, giving the names and full address of all the partners”.
  • A copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association in case of limited Companies and a copy resolution authorizing the applicant to apply on behalf of the company; if the application is made in the capacity of the promoter of proposed company, same should clearly be stated as “Promoter of proposed Private/Public Limited Company” and names and full address of all the promoters may be indicated. If application is being made on behalf of the group of companies and if at the time of making application, it is not known as to which of the companies or a new private/public company from the group will implement the project, the applicant should clearly mention this in the application form and also enclose a list of the companies or individuals with full address who are likely to take part in implementation or promotion of the new company.
  • In case of Co-operative Societies/Societies registered under the Societies Registration Act, similar details as in the case of limited company may be furnished.
  • Self-Certified copy of address proof in case of Proprietary firm or Partnership Firm( copy of any one of i) passport first page and last page, ii) Ration card iii) Electoral Card, iv) Valid Driving license.
  • Self certified copy of PAN Card.
  • 2 Pass port size Photographs of the Applicant(s) in case of Proprietary firm or Partnership Firm and authorized person in case of Company.
  • MSME/other registration certificate if any issued by the Competent authority.
  • Technical Education/Qualification of entrepreneurs/promoters.
  • Caste certificate issued by competent authority in case of SC/ST/BC entrepreneurs.
  • Discharge certificate in case of ex-service man.
  • Any other relevant documents.

Allotment Committee:

  • The Allotment Committees will be constituted as per the directions of the Board of APIIC and/or Government of AP. It will be multi-tier structure with a provision to decide on the allotments with reference to value and extent of the land sought for by the applicant and viability of the project and compatibility of the type of industry in the chosen Industrial Park.
  • The functions of the Allotment Committee will be defined by the Board of APIIC.
  • All allotments are made at the rate applicable as on the date of filing the valid application.

Modes of Allotment

  • The allotment of the land/premises by APIIC is made on outright sale or lease basis basing on the request of the project proponent/applicant or on the basis of specific government orders .
  • The other conditions of fixation of land cost, implementation etc as per the regulations shall continue to apply both in case of lease or outright sale basis.


15.1 All allotments are to be considered in the common areas and notified and approved in the layout

15.2 Allotments to the following agencies at Nominal land cost, which shall be fixed by APIIC from time to time.

  • Post office subject to a maximum of 500 sqmts, with nominal land cost.
  • Fire station subject to a maximum of 1,000 sqmts, with nominal land cost.
  • Police station subject to maximum of 500 sqmts, with nominal land cost
  • Government/ ESI Dispensaries subject to a maximum of 500 sqmts, with nominal land cost.
  • Andhra Pradesh Power Transmission Corporation (or its subsidiaries) provided the land is used for putting up for dedicated substation for the respective Industrial Park/Industrial Development Park. The extent of land shall be determined by the scale of the activity/capacity of the sub-station.

15.3 The allotment to the following agencies will be done at land cost

  • Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation for providing dedicated transport terminal/bus depot
  • Water supply Boards/similar agencies
  • Industrial dormitories/hostels run by private parties.

15.4 For the following agencies, the land cost, shall be 1.5 times of that fixed for industrial activity

  • Scheduled Banks/Financial institutions.
  • Skill development center
  • Hospitals or Dispensaries run by private individuals/ corporate bodies.
  • Any other commercial purpose compatible to the industrial or allied services like Canteens, Weigh Bridges, Ware Houses, Cold Chains.
  • Any Telecom service provider

15.5 An extent of land not exceeding 500 Sq. Mts. would be earmarked for the Service Society of the industries located in the industrial area on lease basis with annual lease rental of Re.1/-per Sq.Mtr. and to consider allotment only after the Service Society mobilizes necessary capital funds for construction of building or for any activity of the Corporation.

15.6 Allotment can be considered on lease at 1.5 times of the land cost apart from annual lease rental for Petrol retail outlets subject to clearance from the local authorities.

15.7 Land earmarked for common facilities shall be utilized only for common utilities/services.


Sl. No. Name and Designation Phone Number
1 Dr.A.Nirmala Devi, Zonal Manager (FAC) 9848933878
2 Sri K.V.Mohan Reddy, Dy.Zonal Manager (E) 9948220525
3 P.Chandrasekharaiah, Dy.Zonal Manager (E) 9182332033
4 B.Vasantha Lakshmi, Manager (Finance) 9948392431
5 D.Swarnalatha, Manager (Engg) 9948398963
6 P.Kamalakar, Manager (Engg) 9912225810
7 N.Veerasekhar Reddy, Manager (Engg) 9948220526
8 P.Hari Krishna, Manager (Engg) 9502326694
9 T.V Muniratnam Naidu, Manager (AM) 9948220523
10 SK.Yasmin Banu, Manager (AM) 9505188222


Email Id : zm_nel[at]apiic[dot]in

Address: Zonal Manager,

Andhra Kesari Nagar,

Beside A.K.Nagar, Post Office,

Nellore-524003, SPSR Nellore District.


Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation Ltd., have Central Website is

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