Telugu Ganga Project is designed to meet the 15 TMC of drinking water supply to Chennai and also to meet the Irrigation needs of Kadapa, Nellore and Chitoor district over 5.74 Lakh ha. For this purpose 500 Km of main canal and reservoirs have been constructed at Velugodu of Kurnool district, Bramhamgari Matham of Kadapa district, Somasila and Kandaleru reservoirs in Kadapa and Nellore districts. As the canals are passing through Reserve Forest, an area of 10371 ha of Forest area has been diverted to Telugu Ganga Project vide G.O.Ms.No.324 E F S & T (For-I) Dept., Dt: 01-12-1988. For taking up Compensatory Afforestation Irrigation Department has handed over 10371 Ha of non- Forest lands to Forest Department. As the Compensatory Afforestation work is gigantic in nature a special Telugu Ganga Plantation circle was formed with head quarters at Nellore and separate Telugu Ganga Plantation divisions have also been formed at Tirupati, Nellore, Cuddapah.

CAP (TGP) Division, Nellore was formed during 1989-1990 with an object of implementation of compensatory Afforestation Scheme under Telugu Ganga Project for which TGP authorities have handed over non- forest lands.

This Division has raised Plantations, Nurseries, and MGNREGS works. Total Sanction strength is 18 Nos i.e, 11 Executive and 7 Ministerial staff. At present 03 Nos FSOs ,02 FROs and 02 Ministerial staff are working –Vacancy position is as fallows Name of the Cadre No of Vacancy
1 Dy.Conservator of Forests (F.A.C) 01
2 FROs 02
3 FSOs 04



c) Schemes/Activities

Name of the work Target Achievement Balance
EMP Scheme 2017-18 Rs 36.725 Lakhs Rs 14.482  Lakhs Rs 22.243 Lakhs
EMP Scheme 2019-20( Not approval of the Scheme)      
MGNREGS 2018-19      
Rock Fill Dams 35 Nos 35 Nos 0
Nursery 2.000 Lakh Nos 2.000 Lakh Nos 0
MGNREGS 2019-20      
Check Dams 5 Nos 0 5 Nos
CCTs 5000 Nos 0 5000 Nos
MPTs 50 Nos 0 50 Nos


d) Contacts:

Sno Name and Designation Phone Number
1 Sri S.Ravi Shankar  Dy.Conservator of Forests (FAC) 9440810053
2 Sri M. Madhusudhana Rao FRO , Kaluvoya-II & I/c of Rapur-II, Kaluvoya-I 9440958239
3 Sri B. Narasimha Rao FRO , Rapur-I 9490280230

e) Email/Postal Address:

DFO Office FRO Kaluvoya-I FRO Kaluvoya-II FRO Rapur-I FRO Rapur-II
Email id : dfotgpnlr[at]gmail[dot]comAddress: Dy.Conservator of Forests CAP (TGP) Division,Chandramouli Nagar, 4th Street, Pinakini Vanavihar Forest Complex, Nellore 524004 Email id : dfotgpnlr[at]gmail[dot]com  Kaluvoya Email id : dfotgpnlr[at]gmail[dot]com  Kaluvoya Email id : dfotgpnlr[at]gmail[dot]com Rapur Email id : dfotgpnlr[at]gmail[dot]com Podalakur


f) Important website links relating to this Department :

Department of Forest Website is