Government Polytechnic, Gudur is situated in Tilak Nagar, Ceramic factory Road, West Gudur, Gudur. It was started in 1957 as a Mining Institute and later converted to Polytechnic by adding Diploma courses in Civil, Mechanical and Electrical and Ceramic Engineering in 1960’s. In 1980’s Ceramic Course was separated as Government Institute of Ceramic Technology and has been operating from adjacent campus. Now there are four courses offering three years Diploma in Civil, Electrical and Electronics, Mechanical and Mining in this Polytechnic.

It is a co-educational college with total student strength of 720 and staff strength of 103. This Institution has well established laboratories, workshops, attached hostel and good play ground.

Organization Structure:




Teaching, Skill Development Centre, CISCO Training, Industrial Training, Jnanabhoomi, Examinations, Games, Consultancy, State Government Schemes like Vanam Manam, Janmabhoomi.


Name of the College : Govt Polytechnic Gudur

S.l No Name of the Employee Designation & Branch Employee Contact No
1 V.Vijaya Kumar Principal 9912342017
2 J.Ram Prasad Head of  Civil Engg., 9247802525
3 B.Chakravarthy Sr. Lec in Civil Engg., 9010542551
4 Tirumala Konda Reddy Sr. Lec in Civil Engg., 8317631536
5 A. Asha Kiran Lec in Civil Engg., 7032016773
6 K. Venkata Subbaiah Lec in Civil Engg., 9618281183
7 M. Srinag Lec in Civil Engg., 9704263163
  K. Santhosh Lec in Civil Engg., 9030644656
8 N.Bhavani sankar Head of EEE 9912322600
9 V.Narasimhulu Sr..Lec in Electrical 9618665646
10 A.Vasundhara Devi Senior Lec in ECE 9347249203
11 M.V. Suresh Lec in EEE 9700989126
12 Syed. Salma Sulthana Lec in EEE 8500411096
13 Y.Sudha Rani Lec in EEE 9985095484
  A.Mounika Lec in EEE 9493457156
14 Ch.Yesudas H.M.E.S 9441548613
15 B. Ramulu Sr. Lec in Mech. Engg 9441858898
16 B.Ramesh Kumar Sr. Lec in Mech. Engg 9440101321
17 J.Ramesh Lec in Mech. Engg 9985480199
18 S. Viswanath Lec in Mech. Engg 8142704155
19 Y. Sreenivasulu Lec in Mech. Engg 9949163844
20 M. Anuradha Lec in Mech. Engg 8501940705
21 M. Chaithanya Lec in Mech. Engg 8019332988
22 S. Viswanath Lec in Mech. Engg 8142704155
23 B.Saritha Lec in Computer Engg., 7799189590
25 T. Srinivasulu Sr. Lec in Maths 9949141277
26 Dr.G.N Hemanth Kumar Sr.Lec in Physics 9440707944
27 P. Vimala Devi Lec in Physics 8500412584
28 D. Swati Lec in  English 9494998803
29 S. Madhavi Lec in Chemistry 8019698620
30 P. Suneetha Lec in Maths 9441372115
31 P. Rambabu Physical Director 9052951421
32 A.Suresh Babu Libraian 9642255592
33 D. Padmavathi Administrative Officer 9494644409
34 O.Gopal Office Superintendent 9441804704
36 S.Prameela Rani Senior Assistant 9848403585
39 P. Durga Vani Clerk Cum Typist 9440547496
  K.Sai Karthik singh Junior Assistant 7416103454
  D.Swathi Junior Assistant 7995859175
41 P. Kannemma Office Subordinate 9885576282
42 K.Deva Prasad Office Subordinate 7093273758
43 K.P.Muralidharan Office Subordinate 9912943250
44 K. Jyothi Office Subordinate 9440693993
45 N. Uma Devi Office Subordinate 9618953091
47 SK. Jailabuddin Watchman 9966144933
48 R.Sarvani Hostel Manager 9849474164
49 L.Sreenivasulu Cook Cum Supplier 9011866176
50 G.Ramanaiah Cook Cum Supplier  
52 O.Veeraiah Cleaner-Cum Supplier  
53 M. Venkateswarlu Senior Instructor 9618266862
  AVSatyanarayana Rao Senior Instructor 9912875825
54 S.P.C.Prasad Rao Senior Instructor 9440906962
55 A.Krishna Mohan L.V. Driver 9640796496

Email/Postal Address:

Email: gpt017[at]gmail[dot]com

E office Tappal mail id: tappal-gpt-gdrnlr[at]ap[dot]gov[dot]in.

Postal Address:

Government Polytechnic

Tilak Nagar

Ceramic Factory Road

GUDUR – 524101

SPSR Nellore District.

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