The Department of Handlooms and Textiles is concerned with Handlooms, Powerlooms in the Co-operative and decentralized sector and setting up of Apparel and Textile Parks in the Garment sector.

Andhra Pradesh is one of the important States in the Handloom Industry. There are about 2,00,310 handloom weavers in cooperative fold and 1,58,902 in outside cooperative fold. There are about 81,000 Powerlooms working in the State both in cooperative and outside cooperative fold.

There are 1282 Weavers Cooperative Societies in the State consisting of Cotton-896, Silk-325, Wool-61. Besides this, there are 166-Tailor Societies and 193-Powerlooms and other societies . There is one Apex society i.e. APCO for marketing the handloom products.

Several Centrally Sponsored Schemes as well as State Schemes are being implemented for the socio-economic development of Handloom Weavers in Andhra Pradesh including schemes with matching share of Central and State Governments.






c) Schemes / Activities / Action Plan:

  1. There are 6,136 Handlooms with about 24,544 Weavers population spread over 107 Villages in 35 Mandals and 4 Municipalities.
  2. Out of 44 Societies in the District, 20 Societies are working and intermittently working remaining 24 Societies are under Dormant.
  3. Major varieties of production Venkatagiri mercerized Sarees, Silk / Silk Venkatagiri Jamdani Sarees, Venkatagiri Sarees, Patur pattu Sarees and Narayanareddypeta Sarees.
  4. The following Developmental and Welfare programmes have been implementing by the Department of Handlooms and Textiles:

(1) Mahatma Gandhi Bunkar Bheema Yojana Scheme:-

M.G.B.B.Y. is being implemented since from 2005-06 to 31.05.2017. This scheme discontinued from 01.06.2017. This scheme is re-introduced from 01.06.2017 as Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyothi Bheema Yojana for 18-50 age group of Handloom Weavers, the premium of Rs.80/- each per year, in case of death due to any cause the payment to the nominee will be Rs.2,00,000/- and Aam Adhmi Bheema Yojana Scheme for 51-59 age group of Handloom Weavers, the premium of Rs.80/- each per year, in case of death due to any cause the payment to the nominee will be Rs.60,000/-.

For the year 2019-20, (303) Weavers are renewed under Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyothi Bheema Yojana and Aam Adhmi Bheema Yojana Scheme.

(2) Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana Scheme:

For the year 2018-19, out of target of (1200) and (349) loans grounded to a tune of RS.176.50 Lakhs.

For the year 2019-20, out of target of (400), (600) applications are forwarded to the concerned Bank Branches and (12) loans with an amount of Rs.6.00 Lakhs are sanctioned and grounded. Pursuing with the Bank Branch Managers concerned for grounding of loans.

(3) Construction of Netha Bazar:

An extent of 25 Cents identified at CAM Layout at Ramesh Reddy Nagar, Fathekhanpeta, Nellore and land alienation proposals submitted to the Municipal Commissioner, Nellore Municipal Corporation, Nellore.

(4) 4th National Handloom Census by Karvy Data Management Services:-

7357 Handloom Weavers and 1687 Ancillary workers totally 9044 weaver members are enumerated in the District by the Karvy Data Management Services has to be issued Weaver ID Cards to Handloom Weavers.

(5) Weavers Welfare Package to Handloom Weavers:-

6,136 Handloom Weavers Families have been identified to get the benefits under 5 interventions, i.e., (1)Wage Compensation, (2) Free Power upto 100 units per month, (3)Health Insurance Scheme, (4) Construction of House-Cum-Workshed in rural & urban area weavers. The proposals have been approved and recommended by the District Level Committee and forwarded to the Director of Handlooms and Textiles, A.P., Amaravathi for further action.

(6) Weaver Old Age Pensions:

(5830) Old Age Pensions are sanctioned to the weavers in the District as on 30.06.2019 @ Rs.2,000/- per month.

(7) Block Level Clusters under NHDP:

(11) Block Level Handloom Clusters proposals of SPSR Nellore District are forwarded to the HOD under NHDP Scheme with the approval of the Collector and District Magistrate, SPSR Nellore District and submitted same to the Commissionerate, A.P., Amaravathi. (2) Block Level Handloom clusters are sanctioned to the District for the year 2016-17. The details are hereunder:

1. Two sanctioned clusters particulars: (Rs. in lakhs)

Sl. No. Name of the Blcok Name of the IA No. of ben. Covered Toal cost approved GOI Share Ben. Share Amount released as 1st instl. Out of the amount released in Col.(8) Amount released to the SWWAP for imple-mentation of the scheme Out of the amount released in Col.(8) Amount released to the NHDC for issuance of basic inputs
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1. Venkata chalam SWWAP 301 165.820 159.495 6.325 32.310 16.560 15.750
2. Chennur SWWAP 369 178.210 171.535 6.675 35.830 17.830 18.000
    TOTAL 670 344.030 331.030 13.000 68.140 34.390 33.750

2. (9) Block Level Handloom Clusters particulars sanctions waiting from HOD: (Rs. in lakhs)

Sl. No. Name of the Block Level Handloom Cluster Area of operation No. of weaver benefi-ciaries Proposed Project outlay
1. Kovur Gummalladibba, Patur, Inamadugu, Kovur, Vegur, Padugupadu, Gangavaram Villages of Kovur Mandal 312 184.410
2. NTR 4th, 6th, 7th Wards of Venkatagiri 293 169.080
3. Sri Varasiddhi Vinayaka 3rd and some part of 4th Wards of Venkatagiri 292 168.930
4. Sri Chamundeswari 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th Wards of Venkatagiri 289 168.480
5. Markandeya 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th Wards of Venkatagiri 367 180.180
6. Marlagunta Marlagunta, Mopur, Althurupadu and Vellikallu villages of Dakkili Mandal 165 141.320
7. Buchireddypalem Buchireddypalem, Vaddipalem, Kotha Minagallu Ramachandrapuram, villages of Buchireddypalem Mandal 324 173.730
8. Mannarpolur Mannarpolur, Damanellore, Degavarikandriga, Uggumudi villages of Sullurupeta Mandal and Andagundala village of Tada Mandal 264 170.570
9. A.S. Peta Kavaliyadavalli, A.S.Peta, Jammavaram, Juvvalaguntapalli, Hasanapuram, Chandulurupadu, Akbarabad, Sri Kolanu villages of A.S.Peta Mandal 455 185.080
    GRAND TOTAL 2761 1918.61

(8) Venkatagiri Textile Park at Busapalem, Venkatagiri:-

49.92 Acres have been allocated for Development of Textile Park at “Venkatagiri”. The site has been handed over to APIIC, Nellore in the year 2006-07 for infrastructure development as per instructions of the Commissioner of Handlooms and Textiles, A.P., Hyderabad.

(Rs. in lakhs)

Project Cost Funds already released Expenditure incurred as on date Balance funds to be required Justification report on the proposal
      Purpose Amount  
785.50 Lakhs 100.00 Lakhs Nil Park 685.50 Lakhs

The Tahasildar, Venkatagiri has submitted alienation proposals along with ground reality report to the Collector and District Magistrate, SPSR Nellore District for onward transmission of proposals to the concerned authorities.

The Commissioner, Handlooms and Textiles, A.P., Amaravathi has also addressed a letter to the Vice Chairman / Managing Director, APIIC, Vijayawada for give necessary instructions to Zonal Manager, APIIC Nellore to start up the development activities in the proposed site of Venkatagiri Textile Park at Busapalem Village, Venkatagiri Mandal, SPSR Nellore District.



d) Contacts:

Sl. No. Name Designation Phone Number
1 Sri B. Srinivasa Rao, Asst. Director (H&T), Nellore 7981130439
2 Sri Ch. Vijaya Babu, Dev. Officer (H&T), Nellore 9948198863
3 Sri A.Venkateswarlu, Dev. Officer (H&T), Nellore 9642277551
4 Sri P. Prasada Rao, Asst. Dev. Officer (H&T), Nellore 8790596503
5 Sri P. Venkata Rao, Asst. Dev. Officer (H&T), Nellore 9866204289
6 Sri Ch. Prashanth, Asst. Dev. Officer (H&T), Nellore 9848684473
7 Kum. D.Rajani Kumari, Asst. Dev. Officer (H&T), Nellore 8465869150

e) Email / Postal Address:

Email Id : adhandtnlr[at]ymail[dot]com


Address: Assistant Director of Handlooms and Textiles,

D. No: 9/825, 1st Floor, Opp: Veterinary Hospital,

Santhapeta, Nellore-524001, SPSR Nellore District.

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