SPS Nellore has made significant contributions to Andhra Pradesh’s traditional Horticulture crops cultivation. Increased area and production under Horticultural crops has put SPS Nellore District in a stronger position in terms of attracting investments from private sector.

Given that area and production of fruits and vegetables have been increasing steadily, Andhra Pradesh has the potential to increase its contribution towards the economy by way of exports There is a voluntary shift in the cropping pattern, as returns from Horticulture per unit of land are higher in comparison to Agriculture. The Horticulture is climate resilient, therefore assures higher income to farmers. Due to changing Socioeconomic profile and increasing middle class coupled with higher per capita income this sector has more potential as food habits are changing and people are becoming more health conscious.

In SPS Nellore District the Horticulture Crop are grown in an extent of 51025 Ha with a production of 9,88,725 Mts. The details are given here under.

Sl. No. Category of the Crop Extent (Ha) Production (Mts)
1. Fruit 36531 744891
2. Vegetable 6108 142967
3. Aromatic Crops 158 32
4. Plantation Crops 4716 79112
5. Spices 2649 17407
6. Flowers 863 4315
  Total 51025 988725

c) Horticulture Developmental Activities:

1.Small Nursery :

This programme is intended to development nursery in Private sector for encouraging the production of plant material as per the need of the farmers in the District.

2.Area Expansion of Perennial Crops :

The Area Expansion Programme is being implemented in the District in crops Acid Lime, Mango, Guava etc., The assistance will be provided for 3 years.


Sl. No. Name of the Crop UnitsNo. / Ha. Subsidy in Rs. Total
      1st year 2nd year 3rd year  
1. Acid Lime Ha. 9600/- 3200/- 3200/- 16000/-
2. Mango Ha. 8000/- 2700/- 2700/- 13400/-
3. Guava Ha. 17600/- 5866/- 5866/- 29332/-

3. Area Expansion of Non Perennial Crops :

The Area Expansion Programme of non perennial crops like Banana, Papaya etc., are being taken up in the District. The assistance will be provided for 2 years.

Sl. No. Name of the Crop


No. / Ha.

Subsidy in Rs. Total
      1st year 2nd year  
1. Banana Ha. 30700/- 10246/- 40946/-
2. Papaya Ha. 18500/- 6200/- 24700/-

4. Rejuvenation :

This Programme is aimed to improve the production and quality of the produce. Especially in old and senile orchards in crops like Mango and Acid Lime with 50% subsidy.

SL.No. Crop


No. / Ha

Subsidy in Rs
1. Acid Lime Ha. 17380/-
2. Mango Ha. 17500/-

5. Creation of Water Source (Farm Ponds) :

This is one of the unique scheme implemented by the department to protect the crops especially Orchards during drought condition. 50% subsidy is provided for individual Farm Ponds and 100% subsidy is provided for community Farm Ponds.

Sl.No Type of Farm Pond Size in Mts. Subsidy in Rs.
1. Individual Farm Pond 20 x 20 x 3 75000/-
2. Community Farm Pond 100 x 100 x 3 2000000/-

6. Protected Cultivation (Poly Houses & Shade Net Houses) :

The basic objective of this schemes is to obtain high yield and quality produce from limited area with less water and fertilizers consumption. 50% subsidy is Provided with a maximum limit of 4000 Sq.Mts per farmer.

7. Farm Mechanization :

50% subsidy is provided on Rotovators, Mini Tractors, Power weeders, Brush Cutters and Taiwan Sprayers Etc.,

8. ZEBA :

The main objective of the programme is to supply ZEBA granules for application to the crops on 90% subsidy. The ZEBA granules will hold moistures 400 times its body weight and release whenever there is a need. So, that the plants / crops life span will increase during drought period. ZEBA granules are being provided to Sweet Orange and Acid Lime farmers in the District.

9. Hybrid Vegetable Cultivation :

This programme is intended to increase the area of vegetable cultivation. 50% assistance is provided on seed, Inter cultivation, Fertilizers & Pesticides.

Sl.No. Crop Units Subsidy in Rs.
1. Vegetable Ha. 20000/-

10. Permanent Pandals :

50% subsidy is provided for construction of Permanent Pandals maximum subsidy Rs.2,50,000/- per Ha.

11. Pack House :

50% subsidy is provided to the farmers for construction of Pack House. Which is useful to the farmers for grading and packing of the produce to realize higher returns. Maximum subsidy Rs.2,00,000/- per Pack House.

12. HDPE Poly Sheets :

Poly sheet are being supplied to the farmers on 50% subsidy to take up Post Harvest measures like drying of the produce and covering of the produce against adverse climatic factors.


Sl.No. Units Subsidy in Rs.
1. No. (Limited to 2 no.of sheets per Farmer) 1250/- per Sheet

                                            ANNUAL ACTION FOR THE YEAR 2019-20

                                                                                                                                                      (Rs. in Lakhs)

Sl. No. Scheme ADH, Nellore Target ADH, Atmakur Target Total Target
    Physical Financial Physical Financial Physical Financial
1 MIDH 1511 408.24 1113 288.98 2624 697.22
2 State Plan 7130 503.35 2301 297.23 9431 800.58
3 RKVY – RAFTAAR 5540 75.00 3640 106.90 9180 181.90
  Total   986.59   693.11   1679.70


b) Horticulture Department Organisation structure :


Head of the Department of Horticulture, Nellore & Atmakur is Assistant Directors who is assisted with Horticulture Officers, Superintendent, Senior Assistant, Junior Assistant. Accountants, Computer Operators, Junior Assts & Attenders on outsource Basis.

A.D.H., Nellore. A.D.H., Atmakur
Extension Administrative Extension Administrative
Horticulture Officer, H.F., Survepalli Horticulture Officer, (Tech), Horticulture Officer, (Tech), Senior Assistant
Horticulture Officer, Nellore Rural Superintendent Horticulture Officer, Sangam Junior Assistant
Horticulture Officer, Naidupet, Junior Assistant Horticulture Officer, Kovuru Superintendent (Outsource)
Horticulture Officer, Venkatagiri, Accountant    
(Outsource) Horticulture Officer, Vinjamur Accountant (Outsource)  
Horticulture Officer, Podalakur Computer Operator (Outsource) Horticulture Officer, Udayagiri Office Assistant (Outsource)
Horticulture Officer, Sullurpet, Junior Assistants (Outsource) Horticulture Officer, Kavali Computer Operator (Outsource)
MPEO, Pellakur Attender (Outsource) Horticulture Officer, Kaluvoya Attender (Outsource)
MPEO, T.P.Gudur   Horticulture Officer, Atmakur  
MPEO, Balayapalli   MPEO, Kovur  
MPEO, Podalakur   MPEO, Buchi  
MPEO, Sullurupeta   MPEO, Kavali  
MPEO, Sydapuram   MPEO, Bogolu  
MPEO, Chillakur   MPEO, Jaladanki  
MPEO, Gudur   MPEO, Kondapuram  
MPEO, D.V.Satram   MPEO, Vinjamur  
MPEO, Indukurpet   MPEO, Kaligiri  
MPEO, Naidupet   MPEO, SR.Puram  
MPEO, Nellore Rural   MPEO, VK.Padu  
MPEO, Survepalli   MPEO, Udayagiri  
MPEO, Venkagiri   MPEO, Duttaluru  
MPEO, Dakkili   MPEO, Marripadu  
MPEO, Manubolu   MPEO, Ananth asagaram  
MPEO, Venkatachalam   MPEO, Atmakur  
Horticulture Engineer (Outsource)   MPEO, Sangam  
    MPEO, AS.Peta  
    MPEO, Kaluvoya  
    MPEO, Rapur  

d) Contacts :

Sl. No. Name Designation Phone Number
Asst. Director of Horticulture, Nellore Jurisdiction
1. K. Pradeep Kumar Asst. Director of Horticulture, Nellore 7995086780
2. D. Ramesh Horticulture Officer, (Tech), I/c 7995086940
3. D. Ramesh Horticulture Officer, H.F Survepalli  
4. P. Alekya Horticulture Officer, Nellore Rural 7995086942
5. K. Sarada Horticulture Officer, Naidupet, 7995086938
6. E. Anand Horticulture Officer, Venkatagiri, 7995009767
7. Y. Prema Latha, Horticulture Officer, Podalakur 7995086943
8. V.Visaal, Horticulture Officer, Sullurpet, 7995086941
9. M. Sudhamayi Horticulture Officer, Gudur, 7995086937
10. S. Vasudeva Rao Superintendent 8096544944
11. Sk. Mujeeb Ahmed Junior Asst. 8686434629
12. S.Prakasam Accountant 8897652893
13. Gourisankar B B Singh Computer Operator 9849862146
14. GMP Jaya Sheela Jr. Asst. (MIDH) 9177765864
15. E.Prasad Jr. Asst. (RKVY) 8367266610
16. Ch. Hari Horticulture Engineer 7013216735
17. N. Bheemeswara Rao Attender 9989813116
Asst. Director of Horticulture, Atmakur Jurisdiction
18. SMA.Kaleem Asst. Director of Horticulture, Atmakur 7995086781
19. K.Vijaya Mohan Horticulture Officer, Udayagiri 7995086950 & 7995086947
20. P.Laxmi Horticulture Officer, Sangam 7995086946
21. R.Karthik Bharadwaz Horticulture Officer, Kovuru 7995086945
22. B.Jyothi Horticulture Officer, Vinjamur 7995086951
23. K.Vijaya Mohan Horticulture Officer, Kavali I/c 7995086950
24. R.Karthik Bharadwaz Horticulture Officer, Kaluvoya I/c 7995086949
25. P.Laxmi Horticulture Officer, Atmakur I/c 7995086946
26. P. Balaviswanadh Junior Asst. 8885657583
27. P. Sampath Kumar Computer Operator 9676711044
28. Sk. Rafi Jr. Asst. 9014093001
29. G. Surendranath Singh Attender 9705360487

e) Email / Postal Address :

Email :


Postal Address :

Asst. Director of Horticulture

APSIDC Building, 5th Cross Road,

Chandramouli Nagar,

Oppo. Nippoo, Vedayapalem,

Nellore – 524004.

SPS Nellore District.

f) Important Website Links :

Sl.No. Scheme Name Website Address
1. Horticulture Dept.