a) Profile:-

The Department of Information and Public Relations functions to achieve its objectives and goals through dissemination and transmission of Information, Publicity and Public Relations. The department operates its multi-media systems for effective publicity and performs a signal service in acting as a bridge between the people and the government and creates awareness among all sections of the people on government policies, plans and programmes intended for welfare and development.

The main objective of the department is basically two fold viz., informing the public about the policies and programmes of the government on one hand and on the other keeping the government informed of the people reaction to its policies and programmes. Communication is a most vital process of socio-economic development.

b) Organization Structure


c) Schemes/ Activities

Community viewing is a better platform for rural folk to gather at one place to watch and discuss about programs for better utilization of the schemes. The department is maintaining community Television sets supplied and installed across the State for providing community viewing at Gram panchayats, SC/ST colonies, public institutions etc.,

The Department discharges the following key functions:, maintaining community radio and television sets, installation of public address system for VVIP’S and VIP programmes, audio visual equipment, electronic news recording & analysis, department’s Information Technology services like computer usage and web site maintenance. 2) Keeping the people informed of the services made available for them by the Government. 3) Giving publicity for eradication of social evils like untouchability, dowry, child marriages, jogini, bonded labour, child labour, banamati, etc.

The Department has a Community Video Publicity Scheme since private channels were not in a position to cover all the developmental programmes. There is a great demand for community video programmes in rural areas. Under this scheme, the video cassettes supplied by this department and other government departments are being screened to a large number of audience through TV and LCD projectors on big screens


The department has taken steps to make use of the social media for effective publicity of Government Schemes. Accordingly accounts are opened in Face book, Twitter and I & PR AP You Tube and developmental / welfare activities news are being posted regularly. Besides, the department is maintaining 3 groups through various mobile Apps :

  1. Media group
  2. District officers group
  3. I & PR officers group for instant communication with media, district officers including internal communication among officers.

    Important announcements from Hon’ble Chief Minister office, press releases, and photos/audio/video clips of VIP visits are being posted in Media group. In the district officers group press clippings including adverse news clippings are being posted for issue of rejoinders by respective departments. Internal communication posted in I& PR Offices Group for effective functioning.


In a demographic set up, news papers play a pivotal role and act as a communication bridge between people and the Government. Daily newspapers communicate government policies and programs and reflect the public opinion also. The news report helps the people to form opinions on the policies, programs and functioning of the government. In true spirit, our Government considers newspaper reports as a feedback and take corrective steps on their basis.

The MIMS wing prepares daily news digest/special news digest/district news digest for perusal of Hon’ble Chief Minister, Hon’ble Ministers, Chief Secretary and Secretaries to Government. In order to work effectively, the news items of the state editions and district tabloids are classified into Clarification, Action, Information, Political, Editorials and Articles department wise. The MIMS section also prepares Special news Digests on important occasions, schemes/programs, Legislative Assembly/Council sessions, during VIP visits etc.


The department is arranging live telecast of the Hon’ble Chief Minister programs and other important dignitaries during public meetings and other important occasions. All the private TV channels and Doordarshankenda are being provided live footage through satellite enabling to telecast simultaneously with a view to create awareness to the public on various schemes of the Government.

d) Contacts:-

Sl. No. Name Designation Phone Number
1 Sri A.Kishore Deputy Executive Information Engineer (FAC) 9121215357
2 Sri. A.Kishore   7780327273


e) Email and Postal Address:-

e-mail ID: denellore[dot]ipr[at]gmail[dot]com


Address :


Beside of Triveni Hospital , Brundavanam , Nellore-524001

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