Nellore District Profile :

There is one Assistant Controller office namely Assistant Controller of Legal Metrology, Nellore and 3 Inspector’s Offices located at Nellore, Kavali, Gudur in Nellore District.

Territorial Jurisdiction of Assistant Controller : Entire SPSR Nellore District.

Territorial Jurisdictions of Inspectors

1. Inspector, Legal Metrology, Nellore.

Jurisdiction: ILM, Nellore will look after 12 Mandals i.e

1) Nellore & Town, 2) Atmakur, 3) A.S.Pet, 4) Anantha Sagaram, 5) Indukurpet, 6) T.P

Gudur, 7) Muthukur, 8) Venkatachalam, 9) Podalakur, 10) Chejarla, 11) Kaluvai, 12) Rapur.

2. Inspector, Legal Metrology, Gudur.

Jurisdiction: ILM, Gudur will look after 16 Mandals i.e

1) Gudur, 2) Sydapuram, 3) Manubolu, 4) Chillakuru, 5) Vakadu, 6) Kota, 7) Chittamuru,

8) Naidupet, 9) Pellakur, 10) Ozili, 11) Sullurpet, 12) DV Satram, 13) Tada, 14) Venkatagiri,

15) Balayapalli, 16) Dakkilli.

3. Inspector, Legal Metrology, Kavali:

Jurisdiction: ILM, Kavali will look after 18 Mandals i.e

1) Kavali, 2) SR Puram, 3) Varikuntapadu, 4) Duttalur, 5) Marripadu, 6) Vinjamuru,

7) Kaligiri, 8) Kandapuram, 9) Udayagiri, 10) Jaladanki, 11) Bogolu, 12) Kodavaluru,

13) Vidavaluru, 14) Dagadarthi, 15) Alluru, 16) Buchi, 17) Sangam, 18) Kovur.

Organization Structure:

The Department is under the administrative control of the Controller of Legal Metrology, Govt. of A.P. Vijayawada. The Department of Legal Metrology in Nellore Zone is functioning under the Control of One Deputy Controller at Nellore with two Assistant Controllers with Head Quarters at Nellore & Ongole and seven Inspectors at Nellore, Kavali, Gudur, Ongole, Markapur, Kandukur & Chirala.

The Deputy Controller of Legal Metrology, Nellore will supervise the entire administration and exercise the powers delegated of various Legal Metrology Acts & Rules in both Nellore & Prakasam District’s.

Main Activities and Schemes:

The main function of the Department is to attend the verification and stamping work of Weights & Measures used in any transaction and for protection to ensure their accuracy as per the prescribed standards. The department also enforces standardization of Weights & Measures used in trade and industry and protects the interests of consumers against short weighment and measurement and excess charging of packaged commodities. The department is enforcing packaged commodities rules to ensure the declaration of packaged commodities, which would give definite information to the consumers with regard to Name and Address of the Manufacturers, Identity of Commodity, Net Quantity, Date of packing, Retail sale price of the commodity and Customer care cell phone Number.

In addition to the above functions, by utilizing the (2) Mobile Testing Laboratory vans supplied to the Nellore Zone (One to Nellore & the other to Prakasam) by the State Government, the executives are conducting surprise inspections on all shops & establishments using Weights & Measures and detect offences for violation of Legal Metrology Laws and thereby protect the interest of the consumers from the malpractices adopted by the deceitful traders. The executives are also instructed to intensify the activities of the department with a view to protect consumers by conducting surprise inspections and Test checks at market places with Dharmakata where the goods purchase by the consumers were re-verified. Special attention is also paid to arrest the malpractices in the public distribution system of Fair Price shops, and in petroleum products.

Consumer Activities:

The Department has participated in the consumer clubs in the schools set by the State Government to inculcate consumer awareness among children. The Department has also conducted consumer awareness programmes and exhibitions on Weights & Measures in Nellore & Prakasam and also in Mandal Level on the Occasions of National Consumer’s Day, World Consumer’s Rights Day, Legal Metrology Day and distributed pamphlets to the public with the help of voluntary consumer organizations and enlightens the malpractices adopted by the traders and usage of weights and measures in the daily life.

The Department has also supplied two sets of weighing kits, so that they can utilize them in cross checking the weighments involving the consumer organizations in checking the fraudulent activities of the trading community and to enable any consumer or consumer organization to file, complaints under the Consumer protection Act of 1986.

Task force inspections: As per the Constitution of Task Force teams, the executives of Legal Metrology Department, Nellore Zone under the supervision of Deputy Controller Legal Metrology, Nellore has participated in the raids along with Vigilance, Food ,Civil Supply officials. Our Nellore Zone officials have actively participated in conducting inspections against LPG Godowns, Fertilizer godowns, Hospitals.

Relevant Laws of Enforcement:

1. The Legal Metrology Act, 2009.

2. The A.P. Legal Metrology (Enforcement) Rules, 2011.

3. The Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011.

4. The Legal Metrology (Approval of Models) Rules, 2011.

5. The Legal Metrology (National standards) Rules, 2011.

6. The Legal Metrology (Numeration) Rules, 2011.

7. The Indian Institute of Legal Metrology Rules, 2011.

8. (a) Motor spirit and High speed Diesel (Regulation of Supply & Distribution and Prevention of Malpractices) Order, 1998.

(b) The Petroleum products (Maintenance of Production storage & Supply) Order, 1999.


Sl. No. Name of the Officer Designation Contact  Number
1 Sri K Thomas Ravi Kumar Deputy Controller of  Legal Metrology, Nellore (0) 0861-2331001, (c) 9398142872
2 Sri G.V.Subba Reddy Assistant Controller,  Legal Metrology, Nellore 99635 13242
4 Sri G.Sai Sreekar Inspector   Legal Metrology, Nellore 93981 45857
5 Sri Md.Karimulla Inspector   Legal Metrology, Kavali 9885886947
6 Sri G.Sai Sreekar Holding Additional Charge of O/o. Inspector   Legal Metrology, Gudur 93981 45857

Email/Postal Address:

Email ID : aclmnel[at]gmail[dot]com

Postal Address : O/o.Deputy Controller, Legal Metrology Department, D.No.23/1304,

Near Chiranjeevi Apartments, Tekkemitta, Nellore-524003,

SPSR Nellore District.

Land Number : 0861-2331001


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