Reg. No : 273/1995

Establishment Date : 20-09-1996

Name of the Chairman : Sri. M.V. Sesha Giri Babu, IAS

Phone Numbers : Office : 0861-2331235

Cell : 9849904051

Name of the Project Director : Smt. S. Kanaka Durga Bhavani

Phone Numbers : Office : 0861-2338871

Cell : 9849909074

Number of STCs Sanctioned : 30

Number of STCs Functioned : 29

Bank Details : Union Bank of India

IFSC Code : UBIN0533068

Account Number : 330602010501572

Branch Name : Nellore Main Branch







National Child Labour Project Scheme (NCLPs) is a Central Sector Scheme where 100% of the Funding is provided by the Government of India through the Ministry of Labour and Employment, New Delhi. NCLP Society is a registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 and functioned under the Chairmanship of the Administrative head of the District namely District Magistrate/ Collector/DY. Commissioner of the District. It would comprise of key officers of Government Departments, Representations of Panchayathi Raj Institutions , Trade Unions, NGOs, Child Worker Representatives etc. The Society is responsible for over all implementation of the of the project Activities in the District. Some of its functions are :

  1. Formulation of Project related strategies at the District level.
  2. Reviewing and monitoring implementation of action programs.
  3. Overseeing implementation of the scheme and ensuring kindly release of funds to the implementing agencies.
  4. Promoting owner ship of the Project, facilitating convergence and co –ordination among existing Government Departments towards elimination of Child Labours.
  5. Monitoring the Child Labour Situation in the District.
  6. Promoting Society partner ship of NGOs.
  7. Compilation and timely submission of periodical reports, accounts and utilization certificates.


  1. To eliminate all forms of Child Labour.
  2. To contribute to the withdrawal of all adolescent workers from hazardous occupations/processes and there skilling and integration in appropriate occupations.
  3. Raising awareness amongst stake holders and target communities and orientation of NCLP and other functionaries on the issues of Child Labour and Employment of adolescent workers in hazardous occupations/processes.
  4. Creating of a Child Labour Monitoring, tracking and reporting system.
  5. Mainstreaming Reports as per revised NCLP Guidelines and update on Pencil Portal.


  1. Child Labour Survey – Select target area for Project intervention ensure submission of operational work plan by survey agency, oversee training of enumerates and presentation of report after digitizing the same.
  2. Setting up NCLP Special Training Centers (STCs) based on the Survey findings.
  3. Enforcement of Labour and other Laws applicable to Children at work through District and Mandal Administration.
  4. Create Special Task Force for minimizing and eliminating Child Labour Issues.


  1. Each STC can have a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 50 under the NCLPs.
  2. One Teaching Volunteer for Children Strength up to 20 to ensure teacher student ratio.
  3. Guiding principle of STC focus on the Child reviewing quality and adequate Education to enable mainstreaming as quickly as possible.
  4. Mid-Day Meal facility in association with SSA.
  5. Imparting Bridge Education to the target group for mainstreaming to the formal education system.
  6. Duration of the Training for a minimum period of 3 Months which may be extended based on periodical assessment of learning progress for a maximum period not exceeding 2 years.
  7. The curriculum and pedagogy etc to be developed in consolation with DGT and SCERT.
  8. Children in the Special Training Centers receive a Stipend of Rs.400/-


List of NCLP Schools Functioning in S.P.S.R Nellore District for the year 2019-20

S. No Name of the NGO Location of the School Total Enrollment
1 Brundavan Child Welfare Society A.C. Colony, Sivalayam Street,  Atmakuru (M) 27
2 Coasta Seva Samithi Kasumuru(Vi), Venkatachalam  (M) 22
3 GRASS Ontelamitta, Venkatagiri (M) 26
4 Indira Bharathi Rural Development  Society -1 S.T. Colony, Dosakayaladibba, Kodurupadu, Nellore Rural 27
5 Jaya lakshmi Mahila Mandali-1 Chandra Mouli Nagar, Pedda Padugupadu, Kovuru 35
6 Jasmin Dwacwa Group Marupuru (V), Podalakuru (M) 26
7 Mahila Dakshatha Samithi Islampeta,Venkateswara Puram, Nellore Town 24
8 Mythreini Charitable Trust Kallurupalli, Indiramma Colony, Nellore 25
9 Peoples Free Service Help Advice Committee Centre -1 Rajendra Nagar, Old Current Office, Nellore Town. 25
10 Peoples Free Service Help Advice Committee Centre -2 Pottepalem Road, Arati Thopu, Nellore 23
11 Peoples Free Service Help Advice Committee Centre -3 Yerradone, Haranadhapuram, Nellore 22
12 Ramabai Ambedkar  Mahila Mandali-1 Vykuntapuram,Bodigadithota, Nellore Town 26
13 Rural Reconstruction  Society SC, Colony, Budamgunta,   Kavali Town 23
14 Rural Education and Child Health Society Musunuru, Indiramma Colony, Kavali Town 30
15 Rural Re – Construction and Rehabilitation Educational Society -1 Devaradibba Girijana Colony, Muttukuru (M) 28
16 SPORDS-1 Jangala colony, Manchalappalli (Vi), Anantha Sagaram (M) 29
17 SPORDS-2 Raju Palem, S.T.Colony, Kaluvayi (M) 26
18 Tammineni Krishnaiah Memorial Charitable Trust A.C. Nagar, Nellore Town 23
19 Vijaya Mahila  Mandali-1 YSR Nagar, Kothuru, Nellore Town 20
20 Vijaya Mahila  Mandali-2 IML Depo, S.T. Colony, Devara Palem, Nellore Rural 21
21 Vinduja Rural and Urban Development Society-1 Tippa Center, Jonnawada (V), Buchi Reddy Palem (M) 30
22 Indira Bharathi Rural Development  Society-2 Kodurupadu, Nellore Rural 35
23 Jaya Lakshmi Mahila Mandali-2 Bhagath Singh Colony, Nellore Town 30
24 Bright Way Foundation Beermagunta (V) Alluru (M) 30
25 Vinduja Rural and Urban Development Society-2 Kondayagunta, Buchi Reddy Palem (M) 23
26 Swayamkrushi Rural and Urban Development Society Gunnampadiaya (V)Kota (M) 22
27 Srinivasamma Charitable Trust Sivaji Nagar, Kotturu, Nellore Town 20
28 Ramabai Ambedkar Mahila Mandali- 2 Kondaiah Thopu, 3rd Mile, Nellore Town 29
29 Coasta Seva Samithi-2 Swarna Bharath Trust, Venkatachalam (M) 21
    Total 748


S.No Name Designation Phone Number
1. Smt. S. Kanaka Durga Bhavani Project Director 9849909074
2. P.Madhu Sudana Rao Programme Manager 9493028899
3. P.Ramesh Programme Manager 9440130364
4. A. Anil Kumar Ckerk Cum –Accountant 9247486554
5. Smt. Ch. Ammani Data Entry Operator 9493028855
6. G.Venkateswarlu Attender 9505853880
7. K.Mallikarjuna Van Driver 8919040080

e) Email/Postal Address:

Address: Project Director, National Child Labour Project, Room No.15. Ambedkar Samkshema Bhavan, Subedarpeta, Nellore.

Email: pdnclpnlr[at]gmail[dot]com

f) Important website links relating to the Department:

S.No Scheme Name Website Address
1. Pencil Portal
2. PFMS Portal
3. Child Info