Central Prison, Nellore is under the control of the Department of Prisons and Correctional Services in Andhra Pradesh, which is a progressive department. The Department is functioning under the Administrative Control of Home Department. The Office of the Central Prison, Nellore is entrusted with responsibility of safe custody of Prisoners sent by the Courts or by other Agencies authorized by Government for periods specified in the relevant warrants. The authorized accommodation of this Prison is 700. Prison Officers are entrusted with noble responsibility of reformation of offenders committed to their custody and to send them back into main stream of society as a well adjusted and responsible citizen. To this end, Prison Personnel design programmes such as training cum production activity, Yoga, Meditation etc., for involving the inmates towards correction, reformation and resocialization.

b) Organization Structure of the Unit:


c) Schemes/Activities/Action Plan of the Department:

1. Mission:

Andhra Pradesh Prisons and Correctional Services Department confines, manages and provides a safe, secure and humane environment to prisoners both under trial and convicted, by utilizing a trained professional Prison Force and providing them opportunities for re-integration in society as responsible and productive citizens and thus serve and protect the society.

2. Vision:

Our vision is to provide a service of which the public can be proud and which will be regarded as a standard of excellence in the country.

3. Goals: Our principle Goals are to:

• Keep prisoners in safe custody.

• Maintain order, control, discipline and safe prison environment.

• Provide decent conditions for prisoners and meet their needs, with respect to food, clothing, bedding, hygiene, sanitation and health care.

• Provide positive programmes which help prisoners address their offending behavior and allow them as full and responsible a life as possible.

• Help prisoners prepare for their return to the community.

• Keep the prison force disciplined, motivated and professional by reinforcement with periodical training.

• Deliver prison services using the resources provided by Government with maximum efficiency

• In meeting these goals, we will co-operate closely with other criminal justice agencies for development of the criminal justice system as a whole.

In seeking to realize our vision and meet our goals, we will adhere to the following values

4. Values:

  •  Integrity is fundamental to everything we do: We will meet honesty and openness, and exercise effective stewardship of public money and assets.
  • Commitment by our staff and to our staff: Staff are the most important asset empowered to develop and use their skills and abilities to the full, while being held accountable for their performance. Teamwork will be encouraged. They will be treated with fairness, respect and openness. Their safety and well being will be a prime concern.
  • Care for prisoners: Prisoner will be treated with fairness, justice and respect as individuals. Their punishment is deprivation of liberty and they are entitled to certain recognized standards while in prison. They will be given reasons for decisions and, where possible, involved in discussions about matters effecting them. In working with prisoners, we will involve their families and others in the community as fully as possible.
  • Equality of Opportunity: we are committed to equality of opportunity and the elimination of discrimination on improper grounds.
  • Innovation and Improvement are essential to success of the service, requiring the acceptance of change and the delivery of continuing improvements in quality and efficiency.

d) Contacts:

Sl. No. Name and Designation Phone No. Email Postal Address Website of the Department
1 M.R. Ravi Kiran, Superintendent of Jails,Central Prison, Nellore 9494633857 Kakuturu Village, Chemudugunta (Post),Venkatachalam Mandal,SPS Nellore District -524320