Transport Department functions under the provisions of section 213 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. The Transport Department is primarily established for enforcement of the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, Andhra Pradesh Motor Vehicles Taxation Act, 1963 and the rules framed there under. The major functions of the Transport Department are the Enforcement of the Motor Vehicles Act and Rules, Collection of taxes and fees and issuance of Driving Licences and Certificate of Fitness to Transport Vehicles; Registration of Motor Vehicles and granting regular and temporary permits to vehicles. The department also carries out road safety work by conducting awareness campaigns, pollution check of vehicles and enforce measures such booking speeding vehicles through laser guns and interceptor vehicles and detect drunken drivers through breath analysers.

The Transport Department is regulated by the Government of Andhra Pradesh in terms of policy formulation and its implementation. The Department is administered by the Transport Commissioner who is the Head of the Transport Department.

Transport Department

Serial No. Name of the Officer Contact Numbers
1 Deputy Transport Commissioner,Nellore 08612327665
2 Regional Transport Officer, Nellore 08612326891
3 Regional Transport Officer, Gudur 08624250755

Our Commitment

The Transport Department stands fully committed to fully computerized citizen friendly services. This has been made possible by an extensive network of computers linking all the RTO and Unit Offices spread across the state. The department stands fully committed to the Citizens Charter and strives to achieve the deadlines for services set by the charter. We continue to ensure that the department is constantly refined in the administration of its processes and procedures to reduce time delays and achieve the stated mission of being a responsive and transparent department.

Some of the initiatives that have effected sweeping changes are the any service any counter, adherence of the operations to the citizens charter schedules; simplification of the procedures; enabling online slot booking for scheduling a driving test; a user friendly website with all the information needed for any novice including all the web-fill able forms; computerised test for learner’s licence and online booking for services in advance are some of the initiatives that have made the department not only responsive but also provide services in a transparent manner. The department maintains a central database and provides services to the police and other departments upon request.

Each office is equipped with an efficient help desk to answer all the queries of customers and the relevant forms. To make services reliable and less time consuming, the department has introduced the system of despatch of all statutory documents by speed post. Waiting the whole day at the transport office is now a thing of the past.


Deputy Transport Commissioner’s Office

The Department is administered by the Deputy Transport Commissioner who is the Head of the Transport Department in Nellore District and is assisted by 2 Regional Transport Officers, i.e., at Nellore and Nellore in the Head Office. At the field level the Deputy Transport Commissioner is assisted by Unit Officers at Kavali, Sullurupet, MVI Office at Atmakur and Checkpost at B V Palem who provide the overall supervision and coordination of all transport offices at the district level.

Transport Department

Designation Office Cell E-Mail
Deputy Transport Commissioner, Nellore 08612327665 dtc_nellore[at]aptransport[dot]org
Regional Transport Officer, Nellore 08612326891 rto_nellore[at]aptransport[dot]org
Regional Transport Officer, Gudur 08624250755 rto_gudur[at]aptransport[dot]org
Unit Officer, Kavali 08627223755 aptdap326[at]gmail[dot]com
Unit Officer, Sullurupet 08623242755 aptdap426[at]gmail[dot]com
MVI Office, Atmakur 08627297886 aptdap126[at]gmail[dot]com
Check Post, B V Palem 08623272077 aptdap926[at]gmail[dot]com


The main sources of revenue in the Transport Department are Life Taxes, Quarterly Taxes and Enforcement in addition to fees and user charges. The Transport Department is fourth largest contributor of revenue resources to the Government of Andhra Pradesh. There has been a systematic growth of revenue in the transport sector.

Sl.No. Year Revenue (Rs. In Crs.)
1. 2015-16 140.38
2. 2016-17 168.44
3. 2017-18 197.48
4. 2018-19 215.86
5. 2019-20 84.73 (upto August 2019)

Revenue collections during the last seven years


Email/Postal Address

District Name Name of the Office Landline Residence Mobile Number Email Id
Nellore (DTC) DTC,Nellore, O/o D.T.C., B.V.Nagar,Nellore-524 004,Nellore Dist. 0861-2327665 2326891 dtc_nellore[at]aptransport[dot]org