Andhra Pradesh Micro Irrigation Project(APMIP) was started during 2003-04 to take up Micro Irrigation with drip / sprinkler / Rain gun systems to Horticulture, Sericulture and Agriculture (Sugarcane & Pulses) crops to save water through effective utilisation and there by increasing the area with the available water. It also increases the productivity and Production of crops.


b) Pattern of Assistance:

i) DRIP:

  1. 100% subsidy for SC/ST farmers under SF/MF categories up to 5 Acres with a maximum assistance of Rs.2.00Lakhs
  2. 90% subsidy for small & marginal farmers other than SC & ST up to 5 Acres with a maximum assistance of Rs.2.00 lakhs
  3. 70% subsidy for Medium farmers having an area of 10 Acres with a maximum assistance of Rs.2.80 Lakhs. 
  4. 50% subsidy for others farmers with a maximum limit of land ceiling and maximum assistance is Rs.4.00 lakhs.


50% subsidy for all categories of farmers i.e. SC, ST, Small & Marginal, Medium and

Big Farmers

  1. One set of 25 pipes with 5 sprinklers per each farmer having land 0.40 to 1.00 ha.
  2. One set of 30 pipes with 7 sprinklers per each farmer having land more than 1.00ha.
  3. One set of 25 pipes with Rain gun per each farmer having land 0.40 ha to any extent.

iii) Achievements of APMIP (since inception i.e. 2003) in the District

Period PHYSICAL ACHIEVEMENT Subsidy (Rs. in lakhs)
  NO.OF FARMERS AREA          (Ha) NO.OF FARMERS AREA          (Ha) NO.OF FARMERS AREA          (Ha)  
2003-04 to  2019-20 33736 37654 18921 21500 52657 59154 19652

c) Action Plan for the year 2019-20:

A Tentative target of 11,000 ha with a financial outlay of Rs. 6918.67 lakhs was allotted to the District.

12 empanelled MI Companies have been allotted to the District to take up Micro Irrigation viz 1. Jain 2. Finolex 3. Netafim 4.Signet 5.Akshaya 6.Kothari 7. Vishaka 8.Sudhakar Irrigation 9.Bhumi 10.Captain 11.Parixit & 12. Nimbus.

The Targets and achievements made so far are furnished here under.

i) Target and Achievement during the year 2020-21 (so far) 

Sl. No. Year Scheme Target Achievement
      Physical  area in ha Financial in lakhs Physical  area in ha Financial in lakhs Subsidy in lakhs
1 2020-21 Drip & Sprinkler 11000 6918.67      


d) Organization Structure :



4 MIAOs are present working in the District at Mandal level.


e) Contact Numbers :

Sl. No. Name of the Employee Designation Mobile Number
1 PM.Subhani Project Director 7995087051
2 YMNVS Gopichand Asst. Project Director 7995087052
3 Ch.Siva Baskar Rao Superintendent 7995009953
1 A.Balaji Reddy M.I.Engineer 7995009955
2 A.Sravanthi M.I.Engineer 7995009956
3 K.Venkatesh M.I.Engineer 7995009490
4 M.Naresh MIDC 7995009957
5 A.Chandra Sekhar Accountant 7995009954
6 A.Prabhu AAO 8008625445
7 A.Hariprasad Senior Assistant 8686292953
8 N.Mahendralal Singh PA to PD 7995009958
9 J.Sulochana DPO 9989913065
10 K.Sreenivasulu DEO 7995009959
11 Y.Thriveni DEO 9177890097
12 K.Suresh DEO 7780671372
13 K.Sreenivasulu Attender 7995009960
14 Sk.Saleem Watchman 9502564563
15 G.Vyshnavi MIAO 7995009646
16 Ch.Supriya MIAO 7995009492
17 K.Sandhya MIAO 9100071942
18 Ch.Dorasanamma MIAO 8309194355

f) Email / Postal Address :


Address :

Project Director,
A.P. Micro Irrigation Project,
D.No. 24-6-618,
Old Military Colony,
Near Kondayapalem Gate,
Nellore – 524003, A.P.

g) Department Website :

The farmer beneficiaries applies for Micro Irrigation through MI companies in PMKSY – APMIP Portal in department website. The MI companies in the same portal forwards the applications to APMIP officials for the further process.

Toll Free Number : 1800 425 2960