Adult Education Department was established on October 1978. A total number of 26 central and 26 state projects in Andhra Pradesh. In Nellore district one state project and one central project stated in phased manner to eradicate illiteracy.





c) Schemes/Activities/Action Plan :

3.1. Saakshar Bharat Programme:

The Government of India launched Saakshar Bharat Programme on 8th September 2009 on the occasion of International Literacy Day. The programme aims at raising the overall literacy rate, reduce the gender gap and minimizing the regional, social and gender disparities in the literacy level throughout the country.

For implementation of Saakshar Bharat in Nellore District, a literacy survey was conducted in 2010. As per the survey 5,72,191 non literates were identified (Male – 2,04,109 + Female – 3,68,082). Through Basic Literacy Programme 4,18,373 non literates covered in 7 phases. 1,53,458 balance of non literates were yet to be made literates.

938 Adult Education Centers(AECs) were functioned in 938 Gram Panchayats as institutional support for improving literacy levels and overall improvement of Gram Panchayats. Every month one special programme was organized in each AEC focusing various topics like Health, Education, Legal & Environment issues. 938 AECs were closed vide memo No.600/B2/DAE/2017, Dt:14.06.2018 of the Director of Adult Education, Andhra Pradesh, Amaravathi.

3.2. National Institute of Open Schooling(NIOS) :

NIOS will conduct exam yearly 2 times i.e March & August.

3.3. OBE (Open Basic Education) :

Govt., of Andhra Pradesh is launching the Open Basic Education Level A (Equlent to 3rd Class) Programme. This Scheme has to be launched with the collaboration of Andhra Pradesh Open School Sociaty, Hyderabad.

S.No Year & Level Enrollment Achieved

1 2014 – 15 Level A (Equal to 3rd Class) 1380 1075

2 2015 – 16 Level B (Equal to 5th Class) 1075 770

3 2016 – 17 Level A (Equal to 3rd Class) Classes to be started from 03.01.2017. 2760 2107

3.4. Padhana Likhana Abhiyaan :

The Government of India have announced the new Adult Education Programme as “Padhana Likhana Abhiyaan” for the implementation of Basic Literacy Programme to Non Literates trough Volunteer Teachers (VTs). The identification of volunteers is under process. Awaiting for guidelines from the Director of Adult Education, A.P, Amaravathi.

d) Contacts :

S.No Name of the Staff(Sarvasree) Designation Mobile No
1 K. Sreenivasulu Deputy Director 9849909209
2 K. Ravi Sudhakara Raju Assistant Project Officer 8331020295
3 K. Chandra Sekhar Reddy Assistant Project Officer 9491236807
4 P. Malyadri Statistical Assistant 9700516611
5 K. Surekha Supervisor 8712713637
6 P. Ramesh Babu Supervisor 7013332475
7 M. Mastan Reddy Supervisor 9676888666
8 V. Prabhakar Supervisor 9490004344
9 O. Narayana Rao Supervisor 9550028400
10 P. Venkateswara Rao Supervisor 9492521996
11 Sk. Badulla Supervisor 8125966213
12 P. Raja Sekhar Supervisor 9441291704
13 M. Krishna Kishor Supervisor 9492936627
14 L. Rama Kumar Supervisor 9949307202


e) Email/Postal Address :

Deputy Director,

Adult Education Department,

O/o Deputy Director of Adult Education Department,

Old Jubilee Hospital Compound,

Beside Red Cross Hospital,

Vegetable Market Street,

Nellore – 524 003.