District Coop. Officer in the cadre of Joint Registrar is the Head of the Department under the administrative control of the District Collector at district level. Divisional Coop. Officers in the cadre of Deputy Registrars of Coop. Societies are the heads at division level. The District Coop. Audit Officer in the cadre of Deputy Registrar looks after the audit of cooperative societies. Further, there is an Officer on Special Duty to dispose the Arbitration and Execution Petitions, etc. pertaining to S.P.S. Nellore District Coop. Central Bank Ltd., Nellore. To assist the Divisional Coop. Officers in erstwhile Taluk Headquarters, there are 9 Sub-Divisional Coop. Officers at Nellore, Rapur, Atmakur, Gudur, Sullurpeta, Venkatagiri, Kavali, Kovur and Udayagiri.

Present Cadre Strength of the Department : 135

Apart from the employees in the cadre strength, 2 Deputy Registrars, 2 Assistant Registrars, and 6 other employees of Coop. Department are working in D.W.M.A., M.E.P.M.A., Coop. Central Bank, Excise Dept., and I.T.D.A. under FR and FS terms, as Accounts Officers, Accountants and Sale Officers.

Important Functions of the Department:-

  1. Registration of Coop. Societies under APCS Act, 1964 and APMACS Act, 1995
  2. Conducting Elections to the Managing Committees of Coop. Societies
  3. Conducting Statutory Audit of Coop. Societies
  4. Conducting Statutory Enquiries and Inspections 
  5. Follow up action on Misappropriation Cases 
  6. Entertaining Arbitration Cases
  7. Disposal of Execution Petitions
  8. Liquidation of Coop. Societies


As on date, there are 951 societies registered under APCS Act, 1964 and 2759 societies are registered under APMACS Act, 1995, totaling to 3710 Coop. Societies under various sectors in SPSR Nellore District as on31.03.2019.


The Cooperation Department will take up the conduct of Elections to Managing Committee of Coop. Societies and also conduct Audit of Accounts of Coop. Societies and issue Audit Certificates despite conducting statutory enquiries and Inspections of Cooperative societies as and when representations received or need arises to that effect.

2. Organization Structure:




1 K. Tirupal Reddy Dist. Coop. Officer (FAC), Nellore 9100109190
2 K. Tirupathaiah Dist. Coop. Audit Officer, Nellore 9100109192
3 P. Sarabhaiah Divisional Coop. Officer, Nellore 9100109193
4 B.Sudha Bharathi Divisional Coop. Officer, Gudur 9100109194
5 K. Tirupal Reddy Divisional Coop. Officer, Kavali 9100109195
6 R. Anji Reddy Deputy Registrar/Officer on Special Duty, SPSR NDCCB, Nellore 9951530053
7 S. Chinna Ankaiah Sub-Sub-Divisional Coop. Officer, Nellore 9908269029
8 V. Ravi Kumar Sub-Divisional Coop. Officer, Rapur 7382572859
9 S. Sarala Sub-Divisional Coop. Officer, Atmakur 9502016819
10 D. Sravanthi Bai Sub-Divisional Coop. Officer, Gudur 9290450243
11 D. Sravanthi Bai Sub-Divisional Coop. Officer(FAC),Venkatagiri 9290450243
12 DBVS Sekhar Babu Sub-Divisional Coop. Officer, Sullurpet 9849178456
13 D. Mastanamma Sub-Divisional Coop. Officer,Kavali  
14 K.V. Ramanaiah Sub-Divisional Coop. Officer, Kovur 9440378253
15 P. Pradeep Kumar Sub-Divisional Coop. Officer, Udayagiri 9652567620


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