• As per the GO.Ms.No 58 Social Welfare (T.W.Bud-2) Department, dt: 31.05.2001, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh have established this ITDA Project for the welfare of STs especially for Yanadis living in the districts viz., Nellore, Chittoor, Prakasam and included 43 villages from 4 mandals of YSR Kadapa vide GO.Ms.No: 60, Social Welfare (TW.Bud-2) Department, dt: 21.07.2004.
  • The purpose of establishment of ITDA is to cater the needs of the tribal community especially Yanadis where the predominant population living in across the project area by taking up of various livelihood activities through bank linkage as well community development in convergence with line departments support meant for the upliftment of the downtrodden tribal community.
  • Nellore is centrally located place for entire contiguous Yanadi region of Nellore, Chittoor, Prakasam & YSR District
  • Yanadi tribe is one of the tribal groups among 34 sub groups. At Present this sub tribe became the highest population among sub tribe groups in new Andhra Pradesh.
  • Main occupation – Traditional livelihood is fishing in inland tanks and canals, Agriculture Labour, sanitary, Rickshaw Pullers and Fishing as main occupation. Small agricultural farmers in some areas having DKT / CJFS lands.
  • These tribes are scattered in all mandals.
  • Literacy Rate in STs : Male : 43.51 Female : 37.39 Total : 40.49

Comparison of Yanadi Population with ST Population as per census 2011:

Area (Sq. Kms) No.of Mandals No.of Habs General Population ST POPULATION
Families Yanadis Non-Yanadis Total Male Female
13076 46 1610 2963557 72000 251677 34320 285997 145168 140829





c) Schemes / Activities / Action Plan

 i. Economic Support Schemes with Bank Linkage:

As per the G.O.Ms.No.: 31 Tribal Welfare (TW.GCC) Dept, dt: 01.06.2015 guidelines were issued for implementation of schemes to Yanadi & Non Yanadis and as per the selections made by the mandal level committee vide GO.Ms.No.101 Social Welfare (SCP.I) Dept, dt: 31.12.2013 G.O.Ms.No.83 Tribal Welfare (GCC) Dept, dt:28.06.2016 at Mandal / Municipal level, eligible STs with the age group of 18 to 55 years will be sanctioned various livelihood and income generating activities with the subsidy component of Rs.90% of the unit cost or Rs.1.00 lakh whichever is less to the Yanadi community and Rs.60% of the unit cost or Rs.1.00 lakh subsidy to the Non Yanadis. During the year 2019-20, Managing Director, TRICOR, A.P.Vijayawada has approved the action plan to cover 1333 STs with financial outlay of Rs.1874.60 lakhs.

 ii. NSTFDC:

The basic objective of the schemes is to provide easy access to credit facility for the poor ST beneficiaries and educated un-employed STs at lesser rate of interest for establishment of self employment units and to identify entrepreneurial capabilities among ST youth and facilitate them to emerge as successful entrepreneurs in the society. Sanctions should be given to the PvTGs and other Vulnerable Groups selected by the District Level Committee constituted as per the G.O.Ms.No. 72 Tribal Welfare (TW.GCC) Dept, dt:06.06.2016 to the eligible age group of 18 to 45 Years with educational qualification of SSC pass or fail. Subsequently, subsidy amount of Rs.90% of the unit cost or Rs.1.00 lakh whichever is less to the PvTGs and 60% of the unit cost not exceeding Rs.1.00 lakh provided to the Group members.

 iii. Providing agriculture service connections (Energisation):

Under this scheme, 100% subsidy will be sanctioned towards providing agriculture service connection to the borewells pertaining to the ST farmers upto Rs.1.00 lakh per service connection.

 iv. Schemes through convergence with other Line Departments:

The schemes like Agriculture, Horticulture, Fisheries, and Animal Husbandry etc., wherever subsidy component of TRICOR in convergence with the respective Departmental subsidy. During 2019-20, action plan approved under SCA-TSS to cover 1135 STs with financial outlay of Rs.467.14 lakhs

 v. Skill Development programmes:

With an intention to provide various skill development programmes to the un-employed ST youth in coordination with APSSDC and Pool Centers, one Youth Training Centre at Venkatachalam was established and functioning w.e.f. 04.04.2016 and providing various training programmes such as Retail Sector, Computer Hardware & Networking, Hospitality, General Duty attendant, Banking Sector and providing placements through the training partners to them and other Competitive Exams and also direct placements through Job Melas to the ST youth basing on the educational qualification prescribed by the respective companies with the age group of 18-30 years being provided.

 vi. Admissions into Gurukulam Institutions:

  • Admissions will be given to the ST candidates into Jr. Colleges on passing of public / supplementary exams as against the seats allotment.
  • No entrance exams for admissions in Gurukulam Schools i.e. Somasila, Chittedu in 3rd class. These institutions are purely meant for PTG Yanadi as against the entry point. Seats are allotted as per reservation to SCs-12%, BCs-4% and OCs-2% in VI class.
  • Admission in EMRS of Ozili & at C.S.Puram of Kodavalur in 6th class through entrance exams.
  • All the backlog seats will be given to only ST candidates.

 vii. Infrastructure facilities to ST Colonies

  • Infrastructure facilities such as road connectivity, electrification to ST colonies, drinking water will be taken up by the line departments under TSP.

 viii. Engineering works:

  • Basing on the proposals received from DTWOs & Principals of Gurukulam institutions, maintenance of hostels & gurukulam institutions will be taken up by the Engineering Wing of Tribal Welfare Department.

d) Contacts

Sl.No. Name of the Officer Mobile No
1 Sri Y. Rosireddy, PO (FAC) 9490957009
2 Smt. P. Savitramma, APO (Admn) 8886645573
3 Smt. R. Gayathri Devi, APO (Fisheries) 8886645579
4 Sri L. Srinivasa Rao, APO (H) 8886645577
5 Smt. K.Anuradha, APO (Agri) 8886645576
6 Sri V.Krishna Rao, APO (LM) 8886645578
7 Sri K. Koteswara Rao, Manager 8886645572
8 Sri K.V. Krishnaiah, JAO 8886645581
9 Sri A.V. Ramesh, Field Officer (FO Asst) 8886645580
10 Smt. K. Divya Jyothi, Sr. Asst.  (I-6 Asst) 7382400074
11 Sri N. Koteswara Rao, Sr. Acct, TRICOR (I-3 Asst) 9010121777
12 Smt. O. Sarada, Sr. Asst 8886645584
13 Sri Ch.B. Mohana Krishna, Section Writer, TRICOR (I-5 Asst) 9491453308
14 Smt. B. Sarada, Jr. Asst (I-7 Asst) 9573153267
15 Sri M.Raja Kumar, Record Asst (I-7 Asst) 9618186090

e) Email / Postal Address

e-mail : poitda[dot]nlr[at]gmail[dot]com

Postal address : O/o. the Project Officer,

ITDA (Yanadis),

Near Kondayapalem Gate,

Beside LIC Dargamitta,

A.K. Nagar Post,

Nellore – 524004

Telephone : 0861-2327940 Office

f) Important Websites

Sl.No. Website Description URL Address
2 Nellore District – NIC
3 RTI Act
4 Spandana
5 Bio Metric Attendance
6 AP Tribes
7 Giri Pragathi
9 Gurukulam
10 Jnanabhumi